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Обыкновенное чудо

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MikhailovMosfilm studio
and the Creative Association
of TV films presents
a film made to the order
of Gosteleradio
Part One
Based on a play by Yevgenyi
SCHWARZ of the same name
It's her. It's her footsteps.
I've been in love with my wife
for 15 years. Like a schoolboy.
Hello, my wife.
- Are you sore with someone?
- You.
The boor. My God, what have
I done this time?
What's all that mess in the
I did that out of love.
And who promised to live like
everyone else?
Live like everyone else!
- Are you sore with someone?
- You.
The boor! What have I done
this time?
What's all that mess in the
I did that out of love.
And who promised to live like
everyone else?
Live like everyone else...
But after all I am a magician.
I'm entitled to an
occasional prank.
You could have done something
useful for the household.
They brought sand to
sprinkle the walks.
Why don't you turn it into
What kind of a prank is that?
Or else turn the stones, piled
up at the barn, into cheese.
Cheese? That's not funny.
What am I to do with you?
No matter how hard I try, you're
still the same crazy man.
- Who are you waiting for?
- No one.
- Look me in the eyes.
- I'm looking.
Tell me the truth. What
guests are we expecting today?
Will those be people or ghosts,
that will come to play with you?
It's all right, it's
all right...
Soon, soon!
Who are you waiting for? You
think you can fool your wife?
Tell me! Now!
We are having very unusual
guests today.
This time I'm up to something
more than pranks or jokes.
Please don't be sore.
I knew who I was marrying.
It's him. It's him!
I've been expecting you.
Come in.
Hello, son.
Seat yourself at the table,
have some coffee.
What is your name?
That nickname does not
become you.
It is not a nickname.
7 years ago your husband put a
spell on me and made me human.
He did a wonderful job.
He has hands of gold.
Thank you, son.
Is that true?
Why didn't you tell me?
I forgot.
I was walking in the forest...
And I saw this young bear cub,
funny looking chap.
Broad forehead, clever eyes.
- I liked him.
- Stop it!
I hate it when people abuse
animals out of fun.
They make elephants dance,
lock nightingales into cages,
and teach tigers swing on
a swing.
Life is tough, son?
It's not easy to be a real man.
You're laughing?
I'm happy.
Admiring my work.
A man makes a statue out of a
dead stone, and
it makes him proud if it comes
out beautiful.
But try turning a living
creature into an even more
living one.
That's a challenge for you!
That's what I've been waiting
for for many years.
For many years.
Turn him back into a bear this
very minute,
if you love me.
Set him free.
Don't worry!
That's what he's here for -
to be turned into a bear again.
I'm glad. Will you do it right
No, that's no fun.
Everything will be wonderful!
It will be different.
It will be absolutely different.
- It will be different.
- Will it happen now?
No, it's not that simple.
I will turn back into a bear,
when a Princess...
falls in love with me and
kisses me.
- Did you think of that?
- I think it's good, don't you?
- But that's awful!
- I didn't please you again!
- Did you think about her?
- It's healthy to fall in love.
She will fall in love, and he
will turn into an animal.
- That's nothing unusual. - He
will run away into the forest.
That happens too, they run away.
You will leave a girl who is in
love with you, son?
Soon as she sees that I'm a
bear, she will fall out of love.
Not that I want to frighten you,
but it is a dangerous game.
I though I could take anything,
but this time I'm afraid.
But what can happen?
You're afraid she won't fall in
love? Of course she will!
Look, how charming he is.
What if...
It's too late anyway!
I've arranged it so that one
of the kings...
would want to make a detour
and visit our house.
He's on his way here now.
Обыкновенное чудо

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