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Никто не знает про секс

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- Grandpa
- What?
- I wanted to ask you something.
- Ok ask.
- What is love?
- Love is ... well it is...
- 5 hours in the forest and still didn't record anything
- Guys I can't take this anymore.
- Who asked you? Let's keep going.
- Angel. My angel we are losing valuable time. Do you understand?
- Well, you know, here it's just not a good place to record.
- What?
Here, not a good place, here,
nothing in the whole fucking world will make it better for you.
- Guys I can't take this anymore. I can't work in this atmosphere.
- Quiet. That's it were not going anywhere else.
-...and that's what love is.
When you meet your love you will understand.
- Angelina here with you. On my show "Nobody Knows About Sex.
People say that you can find big foot around here.
So we took this chance to find out more about his personal life.
Does he only like female big foot
or do us regular girls have a chance.
Oh I think it's him. Let's ask him.
- Stop!
What the fuck is this?
Get down here right now.
- Get me down.
- This is a trap. I told you this would not have a happy ending.
- Angelina. Dear ... Please. Angelina.
- What the fuck!?
- Take me down please.
- This is even funnier. Back to work.
- And so...
What the fuck? Hey!
- Oh I think we caught the bear.
- Go ahead I'll catch up.
- What is going on?
- What are you staring at. Get me down right now.
- Well. How long will you be staying in our area.
- Heh. We are done filming. We fly back tomorrow.
- Oh. So what were you filming. Something about animals or what?
- Basically yes.
- It's about sex.
- This will be a topic on my show "Nobody Knows About Sex".
- About sex. Okay.
- Grandpa. What is sex?
- Who knows. See she said herself she does not know.
Probably some Moscow thing.
"Nobody knows about sex"
- If you ever go to Moscow. Visit me.
- Angelina let's go.
- Let's go.
- This is for you.
It's a squirel.
- Take care of the taiga.
- Good girl.
- So marry her.
- Angelina! Where do I go? What's your adress?
- Another broken heart?
- What heart!? He doesn't have a heart. That freak.
- Oh you sure you didn't forget anything?
- Yes I am sure. What can I forget?
- Can you take this also?
- Haha. Okay.
- Now you have to pick it all up.
- Look.
- It's my cousin Pete.
Lives in Moscow. He is 65 now.
Used to be a politician.
Now he is probably married and has kids.
Show him that. He will remember.
And I will send him a telegram. So that he knows you are coming.
Give these herbs to him.
Tell him it is from me. It is for better ...
Look after your things in Moscow. There is a lot of crime.
You can get robbed and not even notice it.
- Crime?
- Off course.
But oh well. Bring the trap.
Are you crazy. You can kill someone with that. Bring the fox trap.
There. Just don't set it off yourself.
- Okay. Thanks Grandpa.
(Train Krasnoyarsk - Moscow is now boarding)
- You came. Come to me.
- Pete. What are you doing in there? Hurry up.
- I'm coming. I'm coming.
- Come here my little one. Also can you vaccum the place while we are gone.
And clean your room!
Hurry up.
- Why are you rushing? It's the weekend.
- Put it back. Look at how much you eat.
When we buy the exercise machine then you will work out weekend and weekday.
- Good luck Dad.
- Let's go.
- I'm coming.
- Looks like dad left me some money.
- 4, 3, 2, 1
Yes. You lose the bet captain. He stood here for 3 hours.
- Go see who the hell this guy is.
- She's pretty. Don't you think?
- Yes. Very pretty.
- Let me see some id.
- I am not supposed to give my passport to strangers. They might steal it.
- Did you hear that captain? Strangers.
- Son, a policeman is not a stranger instead he is probably the closest person you have.
- Well what do you have here?
- Did you bring the money?
- Me?
- You were supposed to bring the money.
- Me?
- Yeah you.
- I put the money one the table. Why didn't you get it?
- How am I supposed to know why you put them on the
Никто не знает про секс

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