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Since before recorded time...
it had swung through the universe
in an elliptical orbit so large ...
that its very existence
remained a secret of time and space.
But now, in the last few years
of the 20th century,
the visitor was returning.
The citizens of Earth would get an extra
Christmas present this year,...
as their planet orbited
through the tail of the comet.
Scientists predicted a light show
of stellar proportions,
something not
seen on Earth for 65 million years.
Indeed, not since the time...
that the dinosaurs
disappeared, virtually overnight.
There were a few who saw this as more
than just a coincidence,
but most didn't..
I'm showing you the top of the line here.
This is the best we have.
- This is $9.50. Now this...
- $9.50?
But wait, this is $8. Okay?
This is $7.50.
This lady over here,
she's wearing the $7.50.
Yeah, right.
- Let me tell you about this.
Blow on it. See? See how nice that is?
Isn't it great?
Now, I know you got $9.50.
And this spring, look at it.
Isn't that nice?
And the other side. Look at it.
Isn't that great? It's $9.50.
Enjoy the movie.
Excuse me. Where's the men's room?
- In a minute.
- Hey, you work here or not?
Hey, Regina.
Regina, give that thing a rest, will you?
In a minute, Mel.
Look, I don't pay you
to do that kind of stuff around here.
Regina, I want you to clean everything up,
so we can get out of here
in time to watch the comet.
- Everything's cleaned up.
I want you to take this flashlight
and walk the house.
Mel, they throw things at me.
Who cares? Walk the house.
Have you ever been hit with Dots, Mel?
Milk Duds?
Those things hurt.
- I don't...
Oh, how are you, sir?
The refreshments are right over there.
Thank you.
I don't want those weirdoes cutting up
the seats, you understand?
Okay. Okay, okay.
Replacing Reg in third place is Reg.
Third place.
Wait a minute.
Somebody named DMK in sixth place.
When did this happen?
Look, don't be an overachiever. You'll fit in
better with your age group, okay?
- This is really annoying.
- Regina. Regina, look over here.
Regina, look at me!
Read my lips.
Flashlight. Walk house. Now.
Okay, Mel.
- Let me take this for you.
- That's great... There go the profits.
And listen, stay out
of the projection booth.
And stay away from Dupree.
I'm gonna fire that guy someday.
He's been doing to me
what he's been doing to her in the booth.
He's been doing to me
what he's been doing to her in the booth.
- "David, that was a scream.
- "You're right.
I 'il go see. You stay here.
I'm talking about a mint-condition
print of It Came from Outer Space.
In 3D, man. Yeah, right.
Look, you know as well as I do
you got film freaks that'd go down on you
for a bootleg print of that.
100 bucks? 100 bucks? Right.
Something wrong with the phone here?
Did I hear you say $100?
Look, $100 isn't gonna get it this time.
Because I'm gonna have to
spend the night in here
waiting for you to bring the print back.
Think I'm gonna miss this comet thing
for a lousy $100?
"Help me!
Okay 110's a little better, yeah.
Hey, Reggie, here's the deal.
You leave, I let you in the backdoor.
Okay? I leave, you let me back in.
Mel thinks everybody's gone.
- Larry, do you know anybody named DMK?
- No.
No, you got to have the print back
by 6:00 in the morning.
You know, if we spend the night in here,
we're gonna miss the comet.
It's not like you can't see it
on television, you know.
all right, hey.
Get your guy here in an hour.
Yeah, well, maybe I want to
see it for real, okay?
Hey, television's real.
Television's very real.
So, what do you say? I'll give you $15.
Are you kidding?
We spend the night in here,
we end up making it,
and you give me 15 bucks?
Do you know
what that makes me look like?
Reggie, I'm not giving you $15
for making it

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