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Drop it!
Get down behind something.
Somebody get the police!
Get down! Go!
He went that way
in a black Ferrari. Go!
Suspect is heading...
Look out!
Now in pursuit.
Wilshire at Parkview...
Suspect is currently...
Stop! Oh, my God!
Yeah, that's him, all right.
That's Jack.
Real nice man.
Kind of quiet.
Real gentleman.
When was the last time
you saw him?
Oh, I haven't seen him in...
about a week.
What did he do, rob a bank?
Tom, we've got to move.
They've got DeVries.
High-speed pursuit,
West Hollywood.
Let's go.
Yes, sir.
All right, Johnson,
back here with me.
Watch your ass, guys.
Hey, Beck.
How many units
you got in pursuit, Sandy?
How long?
I wouldn't go for coffee.
There he is.
Give me that.
Tommy, come on!
Mr. DeVries' condition
is deteriorating.
We'll have to move him
back to intensive care.
Think he'll make it, doc?
With all the trauma,
it's a miracle he's still alive.
I doubt he'll last the night.
Keep us up to date,
will you, doc?
Detective Beck.
No one deserves
to die like that.
I don't care
what the man's done.
He killed twelve people,
wounded twenty-three more...
stole six cars,
mostly Ferraris...
robbed eight banks,
six supermarkets...
four jewelry stores,
and a candy shop.
Six people he carved
with a butcher knife.
Two of them were kids.
If anybody deserves
to go that way...
it sure in the hell was him.
Look, Ed,
Tom Beck is the best I've got.
If I give him to you,
I'll never get him back.
My department will crumble...
crime will run rampant...
the city will fall into ruin...
hordes will control the streets,
and life as we know it will end.
I don't want Willis.
I want Beck.
Senator's coming to announce
he's running for president.
He's gotten some threats.
You don't want some ass
blowing him away.
Ed, Willis is a better man now.
He's been with Beck
for over a year.
Give him another shot.
Send Beck to my office, John.
Lieutenant Masterson.
Yeah, I'm Masterson.
Who are you?
Lloyd Gallagher, FBI.
What can I do for you?
I'm following a suspect.
I need some local
law enforcement help.
I spoke with your captain.
He assigned me
a Detective Thomas Beck.
All right.
Beck. This is agent
Lloyd Gallagher, FBI, Seattle.
You'll be working with him
the next few days.
I'm in the middle of a case.
Am I supposed to drop this?
Doesn't anybody
say please anymore?
Oh. How can I refuse?
You can't.
Bureau's getting them younger
every day now.
Must get them
right out of high school.
Don't put it on my desk.
Do not put that on my desk.
Give me a break.
I haven't seen my wife
in a month.
She's fine.
I was with her last night.
She said to say hello.
Sends you a big kiss.
She's getting fat.
Yeah, a beer belly or something.
So who we looking for,
public enemy number one?
His name is Jack DeVries.
- Stockbroker?
- Right.
How long you been after him?
About a month.
A month, huh?
Why don't you go
buy yourself a drink?
He's in the hospital.
He's dying.
- Which hospital?
- St. Joseph's.
First and Main.
He ain't going anywhere.
What's your hurry?
Still no rhythm.
Can you feel a pulse?
OK. Let's try it again.
Doctor, are you OK?
Yeah, I'm OK.
What happened?
I don't know.
I got one patient
dead on the floor.
Are you saying
a man in his condition...
walked the hell out of here?
He left when I went after you.
What do you mean?
Can I help you?
Mr. Miller has an extremely
bad stomach condition.
Severe gastritis.
His heart deteriorated
to where we had to schedule...
a triple bypass.
Yesterday afternoon
he had a massive coronary...
but today it was as if he just...
Got up and walked out.
I can't really explain it...
but I know that's not the man
you're looking for.
Jonathan Miller would never
do anything to break the law.
He's a very kind,
honest gentleman.
What are you,
stupid or

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