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DashkevichAt the end of the past century,
when there were no planes
to chase the criminals,
no helicopters to spot them,
not even radio
to announce their features -
one man lived in
London and successfully
managed without all of this -
the great detective
Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
He lived 221-B, Baker-street.
Based on the book of stories
by A. Conan Doyle
Sherlock Holmes -
Vasily Livanov
Doctor Watson -
Vitaly Solomin
Mrs. Hadson -
Rina Zelenaya
Also starring
Maria Solomina,
Gennady Bogachev, Feodor
But I warn you, Watson,
He is extremely ill-tempered.
- I'd say, he's unbearable.
- How's that?
He is a bit on the weird side.
He has strange habits.
He's unsociable.
Very well. I don't like to
socialize much myself.
It's here.
- You still want to go through
with it? - I have no choice.
- Is Mr. Sherlock Holmes in?
- Come in. He's upstairs.
- After you.
- Good day.
Good day.
I found it
- What?
- The formula.
I found a reagent, that falls
out only with hemoglobin.
Allow me to introduce Doctor
Watson. Mr. Sherlock Holmes.
Just recently from the East?
- How did you know?
- That's nothing.
Do you realize the importance
of my discovery, Doctor?
It is an interesting experiment.
But what practical use?
My god!
It is by all means practical.
Don't you understand
what tremendous opportunities it
opens before forensic medicine?
- Give me your finger.
- No!
Just one drop of blood.
You set, the water looks
practically transparent.
The ratio of blood is
insignificant. One to a million.
What do you say?
And now,
imagine that the suspect's
clothes art stained with one
tiny brownish spot.
What is it? Blood? Rust?
Fruit juice? Paint?
Not one expert would dart to
say it definitely.
Whereas with my reagent you
can tell in a matter of seconds.
True. I take my words back.
Very interesting, but Watson's
here for a different matter.
- You say the rent is too high
for you. - Far too high.
And as you guessed, Watson has
just come back from the East.
He's looking for an apartment in
London, not too expensive.
- Wt could split the rent.
- If you still want a companion.
If that suits Mr. Watson...
There art 2 separate bedrooms
and one sitting-room.
Of course you'll get rid of
all this.
Well, I fiend that the place is
rather cozy.
I fiend It suitable, and I could
move in already tomorrow.
That's splendid.
I can understand you,
Mr. Watson.
You got to know Mrs. Hudson.
Sweet old lady,
minds her own business,
but I am not like that.
- First of all, I smoke.
- Mt too.
- Second, I play the violin.
- Unfortunately I don't,
but I like to listen to good
Third, I practice chemical
You're in your right, the mort
so that they are successful.
Fourth, I receive quite a
number of visitors.
But no one will come to visit
me, except maybe Mr. Stanford.
Therefore the overall number of
visitors shouldn't be too high.
And then again, Mr. Holmes,
I boast of the same virtue as
your landlady -
I mind my own business.
And I like to stick my nose
into other people's business.
Did you shoot him?
Yes, It was a lucky chance.
Even though I'm not a bad
- Oh, Mr....
- Yes?
How could you tell I came back
from Eastern colonies?
Sheer logic.
Stanford introduced you as
a doctor.
But you have a military bearing.
So, a military doctor.
You have difficulty moving your
left arm. You were wounded..
All I had to remember was
where the British fought last.
In the East.
Quiet simple indeed.
- Mr. Watson.
- Yes?
Is this a novel?
- You like reading novels?
- You don't?
But that is Dickens.
I never read them and don't
intend to. I don't like fiction.
What about history and
History, philosophy...
Never was into that either.
What about Aristotle?
Joan of Arc? Kopernik?
Kopernik? That name sounds
familiar. What's he famous for?
My god.


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