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Туманность Андромеды

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To you, who live in the twentieth century!
by the novel of Ivan YEFREMOV
You, the elders, accept my skill and desire!
Accept my labor, and teach me at the day and at the night!
Give me the hand of aid, since the way is difficult!
And I will follow you!
You, the elders, accept my skill and desire!
Accept my labor...
- Good day, Mven Mas!
- A, Junius! Good day!
- Do you take part in the holiday?
- I am sent by the Council of Astronavigation.
Entire day we look for you throughout
whole planet, and you are here.
The time of Hercules's Exploits.
This youth selected me to be his teacher.
Mven, I am not alone, there are members of Council.
They would like to talk with you.
They are there, on helicopter area.
Well. I'm right back.
The Council requests you, Mven, to accept the post
of the manager by the external stations of Great Ring.
- But Dar Veter?
- He is leaving.
Must I answer now?
Tomorrow is next reception from the Great Ring,
it's good opportunity for the transfer of the matters.
I am going to the observatory today,
I have only finish ceremony here.
Well, we know, mentor-teacher.
Yeh, I will be more busy now,
but we all have entered into the maturity.
My teacher was Erg Noor.
By the way, are there any news about "Tantra"?
The program of 37th Starry is finished.
"Al'Graab" with anameson went towards "Tantra".
And if encounter took place...
Sreenplay by Dmitriyevskiy, Sherstobitov
Directed by Yevgeny Sherstobitov
Production designer Aleksey Bobrovnikov
Music by Yakov Lapinskiy
Sound engineer Nikolai Trakhtenberg
The stress of field is two times
higher than calculated.
- It's necessary to lower the speed.
- Retard?
But how then accelerate flight?
We will lack anameson!
Make decision, Pel!
Commander will be conscious after sleep
only after three hours!
Switch on planetary!
What a swift growth of gravity!
What is there in front?
Just darkness! Only darkness!
But, here's nothing, here can not be anything!
This region is studied too little, Pel.
Switch front screens to the infrared!
Stop engines!
What a fool!
I was convinced that we are near the dark cloud! But this...
Yes, this is an iron star!
Congratulations, Pel!
You discovered it in place, where
no one suspected about its existence!
If we caught earlier!
Now we can't escape from its attraction!
Awakening! Immediate awakening to entire crew!
-Good day!
- Good day!
-Good day!
- Good day!
I still don't understand his decision.
Couldn't the Council really persuade him?
Is there a rule, to persuade man
to make that, what he does not want?
Yes, but Dar Veter six years led the external stations.
Preventive throughout entire Earth!
To all power plants, to all factories,
to net transport and to radio stations!
Good day, Veter!
Well, is all decided?
I am glad, Veter. You should rest.
It is, probably, hard to understand.
It is hard, until you experience similar yourself.
The dear matter, the matter, by which you lived...
which is given by society...
this matter suddenly becomes for you not so important.
Not only...
Veter, do you have time? Are you free now?
I will come to you! Wait!
- You are too merciless to yourself.
- Merciless?
But if you can increase voice, ignore the observation of comrade,
don't note, that you begin to believe only to yourself...
No, at whatever post you will find this illness,
it is necessary to immediately change the work.
Doctors say that.
I say it myself, doctors only confirm.
Stop it, Veter! "Tantra" did not return yet.
But I love you!
You forgot, Veter! There is Erg Noor.
Do you still love him?
No, I do not love.
Then you are free. What does hold back you? What?
I am convinced, convinced that each of you...
will worthily meet tests, fallen on our path.
As an astronaut. As an earthling.
I was able to deflect spaceship,
and we will not fall down to the iron star.
But it will be impossible for us
to escape from
Туманность Андромеды

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