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Somebody asked me:
"Phil, if you could be anywhere,
where would you be?"
I said to him,
"Probably right here...
...Elko, Nevada."
Our nation's high at 79 today.
In California, they'll have
warm weather tomorrow...
...gang wars and some
overpriced real estate.
In the Pacific Northwest,
they'll have some...
...very, very tall trees.
Clear across the Rockies
and Great Plains.
But look out, here comes trouble.
Oh, boy!
Front coming our way!
Look out!
What will that mean to us?
One of these big, blue things!
This cold, frigid arctic air,
this big mass out of the north.
It'll meet up with all this
moisture out of the Gulf.
They'll mix at high altitudes
and cause snow.
It won't hit us here in Pittsburgh.
It'll push off and hit Altoona.
Close call!
Let's look at the five-day.
As you can see, nothing to be
too scared about.
Bundle up warm, but you can
leave your galoshes at home.
I won't be here at 10:00.
Tomorrow's Groundhog Day.
I'll be in Punxsutawney for our
country's oldest groundhog festival.
According to the legend,
tomorrow, February 2nd...
...if the groundhog wakes
and sees his shadow...
...we've got six more weeks
of winter.
Sounds like fun.
You must really enjoy it.
This is your third year in a row.
Four, Nan.
Thanks, Phil.
Next, our entertainment editor
looks at sex and violence in movies.
Stay with us.
We're clear.
Have fun in Punxsutawney.
For your information, Hairdo,
a major network is interested in me.
That would be the
Home Shopping Network.
Thanks, Larry.
Go wait in the van.
That was nice, Phil.
" Big trees"!
Stop, Kenny.
Look, can you handle
the 10:00 or not?
If you don't want to rush back,
I can do the 5:00 tomorrow.
Stay an extra second in Punxsutawney?
Rita thinks it'd be
a great idea...
...to stay for other events.
You'll get incredible footage.
The people and the fun.
The excitement!
You haven't worked with her yet.
She's really nice.
I think she'll be
a really good producer.
You guys are going to have fun.
She's fun. But not my kind of fun.
I'll be here for the 5:00.
Can you keep a secret, Larry?
I'm probably leaving PBH.
So this will be the last time...
...we do the Groundhog together.
What's wrong with
the Groundhog Festival?
In San Diego...
...I covered the swallows returning
to Capistrano for six years.
Someone will see me interview
a groundhog, think I have no future.
I think it's a nice story.
He comes out.
He looks around.
He wrinkles up his nose.
He sees his shadow or not.
It's nice! People like it!
You are new, aren't you?
People like blood sausage too.
People are morons!
Nice attitude.
Look in the mirror and see how you
look when you do that groundhog thing.
For me? Once?
He comes out, and there he
looks at his little shadow.
Want some blood sausage?
I have some...
I like blood sausage.
Rita, I can't stay here.
Prima donna.
- What's the matter?
- I hate this place.
I stayed here two years ago.
I was miserable.
- I won't stay here.
- You're not staying here.
I'm not?
Larry's dropping me off.
I booked you in
a nice bed-and-breakfast.
I think this is one of the traits
of a good producer.
Keep the talent happy.
Anything I can do.
Would you help me
with my pelvic tilt?
Within reason. Want to come
to dinner with Larry and me?
No, thank you.
I've seen Larry eat.
You get your sleep.
See you in the morning.
Don't be late.
Did he actually call himself
"the talent"?
Campers, rise and shine!
Don't forget your booties.
- It's cold out there!
- It's cold every day!
- Is this Miami Beach?
- Not hardly!
Expect hazardous travel
later today with...
... that blizzard thing.
That blizzard thing.
Here's the report.
The National Weather Service
is calling for a big blizzard thing.
There's another reason
today's especially ex citing...
Especially cold.
The big question

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