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This is Detective Jack Mosley.
Shield number 227.
I guess this will be
my last will and testament.
This is for Diane.
When this day is over, they're gonna come
and talk to you about this...
... and they're gonna... They're gonna
tell you what happened, Diane.
But what they tell you
is not really what happened here.
So I hope that you get this.
I was trying to do a good thing.
Police! Get down! Everybody, down!
Down! Get down!
Go, go, go! Come on!
- Clear.
- Police. Get down.
Seal it off.
Agent 10-10, we're all secure.
All right, we're out of here.
It's clear.
You smell that?
Couple hours. We gotta move now.
Would you turn that thing off?
All right, who's downstairs
we don't need?
It's all yours. Good luck.
I hate to do this, Jack, but I need you
to sit on this until uniforms get here.
- All right.
- Just hang until you're relieved.
All right.
Don't touch anything.
Any word on the suspects?
- What do you want me to tell you?
- What did you tell them?
I saw someone out there.
Yeah, yeah. Come on.
- Anything for me?
- Breath mints.
Sergeant Cannova called.
Wants you to write up this wire request.
Said to make sure
you get the right dates on them.
The particulars are on your desk,
and he needs it by tonight.
All right.
All right, well, we can have an officer
come by about 8 a.m. Tomorrow.
You gave her two?
Well, you know, we do what we can.
Hey, Jack, I forgot to tell you,
the lieutenant's looking for you.
He wants you to find him right away.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, listen.
All right, well, I'll call you.
Hey, Mosley.
- Mosley.
- Yeah.
Grace tell you to find me?
- Yeah, just a minute ago.
- All right, need a favor.
Get this guy from lockup
and run him to Centre Street.
The DA needs him ASAP. He's gotta be
in front of a grand jury before 10.
I signed out.
You signed the sheet?
Well, not technically, no.
But I mean, I'm signed out.
Then consider yourself on overtime.
Captain Gruber called.
We need this thing done.
Don't you got some mutt
that takes care of this?
I got Keenan, but he's still on the Verrazano.
He's behind some overturned truck.
I'm tired. I mean, look, normally,
you know me, I don't say no.
I know you been
working all night, Jack...
...but who's the detective
and who's the lieutenant here?
I mean, Jack, I got nobody else.
It's a nothing thing.
One hundred and eighteen minutes
to get a little hemorrhoid 16 blocks.
I'll let you come in
to work late tomorrow.
Yeah, yeah.
Edward Bunker.
Yeah, that's me, officer.
Eddie Bunker, right here.
Down here, the last cell.
- Come back in an hour.
- What do you mean, come back?
He's supposed to wear a suit
when he leaves.
- And?
- It's not here yet.
Just get him out here, all right?
They said he'd wear a suit.
No, yeah, I'm supposed to get a suit.
It's a three-piece suit. It's gray.
It's got... Wait. Yeah.
It's a three-button, it's gray,
it's got cuffs on the pants.
They brought the catalog down.
I picked it out of the catalog.
I'm not supposed
to leave without it. Wait.
I'm not supposed to leave
without that suit.
- You tell it to him.
- No, that's why you brought my shoelaces.
- Come on, come on.
- I'm not supposed to.
- Yo, yo, you take the old lady, right?
- Yeah, you sure?
The old lady goes into the car,
otherwise she dies.
- You think so?
- Yeah, man.
That's what... I don't know. You gotta
figure out the answer for yourself.
Everybody just calm down.
Officer, I'm going to court.
- I'm supposed to have a suit.
- Hey.
Shut up. Here's your property.
- It's not a good sign.
- Hands behind your back.
- Hold on, I'm trying...
- Hands behind your back.
I don't even have my...
All my prop... Wait one minute.
It's not right.
They promised me the suit.
I picked it out of the catalog...
Wait, my book.
I can't leave without my book.
My book is very important
16 кварталов

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