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Second Artistic Association
Screenplay by Yu. DUNSKY,
with participation of
Directed by
Alexander MITTA
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Conductor M. ERMLER
Sound by
English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
Georgy ZHZHENOV as Timchenko
Anatoly VASSILIEV as Nenarokov
Leonid FILATOV as Skvortsov
Alexandra YAKOVLEVA as Tamara
Also starring
Irina AKULOVA as Alia
Yuri GOROBETS as Misha
as Timchenko's wife
Alexander PAVLOV as Navigator
Galina GLADKOVA as Natasha
Roma MONIN as Alick
Special Appearance by
Kurikhara KOMAKI
- Please, let's separate.
- Alia, you're not serious.
I am serious!
You've spoiled my vacation.
- I could say the same about you.
- Fine. Let's have a divorce.
Alia, stop being so nervous.
- Nenarokov! Valentin! Hi!
- Hi!
And who is this, eh?
- What's your name?
- That's our Alick.
- Hello.
- Hello.
Alia, this is my old friend.
We used to fly together.
- Alevtina Fyodorovna.
- Nice meeting you.
What a big guy you've grown!
- Well, it seems you too...
- Oh no!
- I know you.
- That's just...
- Have you been transferred?
- No, I still fly around Russia.
Is Vassiliev mad at me?
At first he was furious.
Not any more.
- Well, give him my regards.
- I certainly will.
We went sightseeing in Moscow.
- I've got a car. Get in.
- Thanks.
We can't really. We've got to book
our tickets, baggage...
Well, as you wish.
I've got to run. Take care.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
If you change your mind...
We flew the IL-18 together.
Capital fellow.
A first-rate stud horse.
Andrei Vassilievich Timchenko
was our captain then.
Another fine fellow.
- How was your flight?
- Normal.
- I've been hearing it 20 years.
- Because it's always been normal.
- Should it be otherwise?
- God forbid.
You'd better tell me
how you're doing here.
Everything is normal.
Yegor phoned. Wanted to know
when you're coming back.
- And how is Natasha?
- Natasha is like Natasha.
I've got a patient with
Cardiac Heterotaxia...
- Is that her?
- Yeah.
- Hi!
- Hi!
- How are things with you?
- I'm two tests ahead of schedule.
You didn't get married yet, did you?
I haven't seen you for 3 days.
Well, I'm off to study.
Don't expect me for dinner.
Let your mother and me know
when you decide to get married.
Sure, if there's a telephone around.
- Rim... ood...
- Rim!
Enough of this birdlike language!
You're spoiling the child.
Let him speak as he likes.
- Why force him?
- Enough of your sermons!
- Does the child have to hear that?
- I'm fed up with it.
If you pay attention to it,
his stammering may persist.
- Who is a teacher here?
- Of course you are, honey.
Aunt Marina? Did the doctor come?
I've just got back from a flight.
How is Uncle Boris?
Tell Sasha that I've brought
what he wanted.
- That's all. Like it?
- Wow!
My handiwork.
But why on the ceiling?
You might break your neck.
I usually watch it lying down.
The best way.
Andrei, did Natasha tell you
No. Why?
Please, don't get upset.
She's got pregnant.
Wait, it makes no sense.
I asked her this morning:
"You didn't get married, did you?"
She answered:
"I'm not planning to for now."
And she was so casual.
- And who is the fellow?
- Kostya.
She says he's been here.
Louder! Louder!
You with the book, go out!
And you wait. You'd better
listen good and proper.
What do you think you're doing,
you scoundrel?
Natasha's pregnant and you're
sweet-talking another dupe here?
What Natasha?
- You are Kostya, right?
- I'm Kostya.
- You?
- Yes. And this is my sister.
This is not right.
Go and get married.
Andrei Vassilievich, I'd love to,
but she wouldn't.
Don't humiliate yourself! She isn't
worthy of tying your shoelaces!
I called her, I sent her telegrams,
but she wouldn't listen.

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