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ENDFilm studio
Laterna Magica
Arkady and Boris Strugatsky
Temptation of B.
Lembit Ulfsak
Natalia Gundareva
Oleg Borisov
Vladimir Zeldin
Stanislav Sadalskiy
Aleksandr Pashutin
Directed by Arkady Sirenko
Corners! Don't miss corners!
This way!
- Hey, owner!
- What?
How will we glue?
With the guarantee, or what?
What do you mean?
Well, I do.
Yesterday we glued here, but it
already come off near a ceiling.
And why?
- Do you know why?
- Why?
We need the drying oil.
If we need, then we need.
I know well, that we need.
Bur where it is, this drying oil?
Where is it written here?
And the whiting, see yourself,
what they gave out.
That's a guarantee you will have.
I have today the appearance
in the club of railroad workers.
There nearby is a store.
I will visit it afterward.
You can visit it, it has no sense.
They will bring the drying oil to me
and replace the whiting.
Think about, writer.
Well. I agree.
That's good.
"... Don't be afraid, you will leave this state,
everything in you will be normalized."
"And now many of you begin to disconnect.
In particular children."
"Do not force yourself to stop thinking,
do not try to be assistants."
"Swim with the flow."
"My sessions consists in the complete
freedom of your sensations,"
"feelings, thoughts and recollections."
"It is desirable to shut eyes".
"And, by the way, many of those, who shut eyes..."
"you no longer can open them."
"You begin to feel the draining of the blood."
"To all viewers, who participate in our session"
"I suggest only good."
"You do not need my manuals"
"Accents in these sessions
I do make not in the words"
Hey, why did you smash? I just began to feel.
I thought, you are sleeping. I have to go.
Go, dear, go. Do not worry, keys are here.
- Tomorrow you will continue.
- Of course, we will continue.
Kostya, what happened?
Oh, wait, wait! The God himself sent you to me!
Help me! I'm dying! Zoya is out!
Nobody's here! Help me!
- What should I do?
- Do you know the Bogorodsky institute?
Go there, find Martynyuk!
Martynyuk, Ivan Davidovich.
Everyone there knows him.
He...is... the chairman of local committee.
Say him - I die. I have botulism.
Let he will give two, three drops... He has...
Three drops of what?
Mafusalin! He will understand!
By god, by god I adjure you...
I'm going, Kostya! Right now!
- Has he really the botulism?
- Poisoning. Let us make analyses.
What do you think, this mafusalin,
will it help against the botulism?
What did you say?
- Mafusalin, in my opinion.
- I hear for the first time.
May be some new drug.
- To what hospital is he going?
- To the second urban.
To the local committee, from five to seven.
Can I ask Ivan Davydovich?
I speak, to the local committee,
from five to seven.
I am from Kostya Kurdyukov.
From Konstantin Ilyich.
So, what happened?
You know, he is terribly poisoned.
There is suspicion to the botulism.
He greatly requested, just entreated, to send
him two-three drops of mafusalin.
What, what?
Mafusalin. As I understood,
that is the new medicine.
Or I memorized incorrectly? Mafusalin.
Excuse me, who are you?
His neighbor. Snegirev, Felix Alexandrovich.
You know, this name tells me nothing.
Your name also tells me nothing, however,
I came quickly here through entire city.
- In what hospital he is?
- In the Second urban.
Well, you can go. I will manage it myself.
Very grateful to you.
How do you do, Natasha!
"The English class"
How long we have not seen?
Hello, darling!
Did you arrive in order to say me about this?
And at the same time to return the bottels?
- And you are today, of course, busy?
- Well, but if not?
If not, then I invite you to the "Caucasian",
to recall old good times.
That, let's return bottles and have a party?
I forgot, I can't today, I'm busy. Damn.
- Clear. Today and tomorrow, and day after...
- But why, Natashen'ka?
- Because our ship has gone, it swam away.
- Well.
"I remember

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