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No, please! No! Please!
- Come a running, lad!
- Please don't!
- Stop it!
- Brand you like a damn steer, bitch!
No, please!
Hold the bitch, Davey! Go on, hold her!
Goddamn it, Davey.
Hold her or I'll cut her tits off!
Go get Skinny! Quick!
Mike, don't!
Do you think it's funny?
Skinny! Get the gun!
Get off of her, cowboy.
- They wouldn't let you settle it?
- You know how Skinny is.
He says he's gonna shoot them.
I says, "You can't. " He says,
"Get Little Bill in here to settle this. "
I says, "He's sleeping. "
But he says he don't care.
In another five minutes,
he's gonna shoot them boys.
Is she gonna die?
She's gonna live.
She didn't steal nothing.
She didn't even touch his poke.
But when she seen
he had a teensy little pecker...
...she gave a giggle. That's all.
She didn't know no better.
You can hang them, Little Bill.
Step over to the office and get the bullwhip.
A whipping?
That's all they get after what they done?
- It ain't no little thing.
- But what they done-
Shut up!
- A whipping ain't gonna settle this.
- Oh, no?
Here's a contract between me
and Delilah Fitzgerald, the cut whore.
I brought her from Boston,
paid her expenses and all.
And I got a contract that represents
an investment of capital.
Damaged property.
Like if I was to hamstring
one of their cow ponies.
You figure nobody'll wanna fuck her now,
Hell, no!
Leastways they won't pay to do it!
She could clean up the place,
but nobody's gonna pay good money...
...for a cut-up whore!
You boys are off the Bar T.
Got your own string of ponies?
Yeah, I got four.
Guess you'd just soon as not have a trial,
no fuss?
No, sir.
All right.
You did the cutting.
Come the thaw, you bring in five ponies
and you give them over to Skinny.
And you....
You bring in two.
- You give them over, you hear?
- Yes, sir.
Here's the bullwhip, Bill.
Maybe we don't need this whip now.
Let me tell you, come the spring,
and Skinny don't have those ponies...
- ... I'm gonna come looking for you.
- You ain't even gonna whip them?
Well, I fined them instead, Alice.
For what they done,
Skinny gets some ponies! That's it?
That ain't fair, Little Bill.
That ain't fair!
Haven't you seen enough blood
for one night?
Hell, Alice...
...it ain't like they was tramps
or loafers or...
...bad men. They were just...
...hardworking boys that was foolish.
- If they was wicked in a regular way-
- Like whores?
Alice, tend to Delilah.
Go ahead.
I got $85.
I don't know.
If Delilah doesn't care,
what are we getting so riled up about?
Just because we let them smelly fools
ride us like horses...
...don't mean we gotta let them
brand us like horses.
Maybe we ain't nothing but whores,
but we....
By God, we ain't horses!
I got $112.
That's everything.
How about you, Faith?
Jesus, Faith, what you been doing?
You been giving Skinny something special?
She laughs.
With what Kate got, and Silky got some,
and mine and Little Sue....
It ain't enough.
Not yet, maybe.
You don't look like no son-of-a-bitching,
cold-blooded assassin.
Say what?
My guess is you're calling yourself
Mr. William Munny.
You have me confused
with someone else, mister.
Same one as shot Charlie Pepper
up in Lake County?
Pa! Hey, Pa!
What's up, son?
Two more hogs got the fever.
Didn't you shoot Charlie Pepper?
You killed William Harvey
and robbed that train over in Missouri.
Hold on, mister.
Son, you get those hogs separated there.
Penny, why don't you help your brother?
That one's sick, too.
We'll talk inside.
So you're Pete Sothow's nephew?
I thought maybe you'd come to kill me
for something I'd done in the old days.
I could have.
I guess maybe so.
Like I was saying, you don't look like no
meaner-than-hell, cold-blooded damn killer.
Maybe I ain't.
Yeah, well Uncle Pete says you was
the meanest goddamn son of a bitch

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