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Кодекс молчания

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Have a shot, kid. A little nerve tonic.
I'm not nervous, Cragie.
I just gotta take a leak.
Then do it now.
- On some poor bastard's grave?
- What do you care?
If someone was smart, they'd rip out
these graves and plant tomatoes.
These people are no good. They're dead.
Say, hey, hey, hey, Cub fans.
I sure hope to hell you all are down there,
cos we got the big game today.
Today is our day, baby...
Dig this, man.
You cats on the home team, listen up.
Spider's gettin' ready for the big play.
If you mothers drop that ball, Spider's...
- What's happenin', Doc?
- There you are, man.
- You take too fuckin' long.
- We ain't got far to go.
Get your ass in the car.
Fuck the cigarette smokin'.
- I got everything we need.
- Let's get the hell out of here.
They'll be waitin', man.
- Home team, ready in the bull pen.
- Copy, shortstop. Double play.
Break out the nuts.
Centre's in.
- Where's Cragie?
- Talk, left field.
Dammit... Ready, sir.
Left field is in position.
OK, guys. Runner on first base.
- Double play. You got 'em in sight?
- Yeah. He's headin' for the alley.
What is this? This guy's got
my nose in his pocket 6.30 in the morning.
Funky fuckin' neighbourhoods.
I'm sick of it. I've been waiting three days.
I'm glad to get out though,
to tell you the truth, man.
You can't tell nobody about this stress.
How's somebody gonna relate to it?
Here we go.
Nice and easy, nice and easy.
Leave a space for the good guys.
I ain't never lettin' the car out of my sight.
This is lovely. Look at this. Zaro
and Abere went to Brazil with 12 people.
This is my vacation. Ain't this nice?
I'm tellin' ya, Spider, this ain't my style.
I can dig it, baby. It's too much
like real work even for me.
You'll have everything you want
in two hours. All the action you need.
Trick or treat, smell my feet.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby. Do your thing.
Man, we're clean.
You think we're goddamn fools?
- Watch it, baby.
- Don't you know these guys, Spider?
- We oughta get married.
- Just wanna do some business.
This guy is nervous.
Does he speak English?
Fuck, man.
I can't believe this guy.
You do this every fuckin' time.
That one should have taken a Valium.
- Found you a present.
- Man, these things test your head.
These people trust me.
I trust you too,
but I want something out of it.
You're gonna get what you want, man.
Hola. ї Cуmo estб, amigo? Soy yo.
Abre la puerta. Йse es mi amigo.
- Tengo una cosa para ti.
- Catido, come here.
I don't like the way it sounds. Where's
that money? That's mine until it's yours.
These guys ordering me up the hallway.
He's got a gun up my ass.
I don't like people
that don't wanna shake my hand.
- I don't care where they come from...
- Shh.
I don't dig motherfuckers
that don't shake my hand.
ї Quй pasa?
Come on, Eenie. Move your ass.
What the hell are those guys up to?
They're going to work. What do you think?
- At this hour?
- Don't worry about it. Let it roll.
They got a hard-ass for a boss. Like us.
I just wanna get outta here real quick.
This is my deal.
I wanna find out
what's going on here today.
Oh, Christ.
- Told you this was the right place.
- Scares me shitless.
Amor, vбyase al otro cuarto.
Tell him I think that's a nice decoration.
Watch it. Cool it, man.
You're looking at that man's old lady.
- Comachos'll shoot your ass.
- Gimme a break.
- Man, Victor's got the best.
- The best!
You Comacho dudes are too much.
I can't believe you guys.
Parece que el hombre estб contento.
This really looks right.
I feel some rocks up in there.
- This looks good.
- Damn right it's good.
By the numbers.
They got a good reputation. Tell him I'm
doing this because my people expect it.
I'm not insulting the guy.
El hombre como que tiene
un problema de diarrea de la boca.
Said you got
diarrhoea of the mouth, baby.
Tell him it's too bad. I thought
he had more class than that.
That's the colour I need. Let's
Кодекс молчания

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