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Гостья из будущего

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- Hi.
- Hi. Did you see her?
- Who is she?
- Let's go. We mustn't miss her.
Tell me who is she?
Did you see it? I told you!
Who knows what she needs there.
People have been moved
from this house 6 months ago.
It would make sense
if it was a hooligan or a bum.
Does she look like either of those?
- What do you suggest?
- Let's follow her.
It's the third time I see her
leaving this house.
I was afraid to go in alone.
She might be with someone.
- Masked.
- Maybe she's a murderer.
Look, Fima, it's easy to explain.
She came from Kanatopa,
she's got problems with a hotel.
She saw an empty house
and decided to spend a night there.
- Do you believe in it?
- Why not? We've got to ask her.
Let's go then.
Don't you see,
I need to buy some kefir.
My parents are coming soon,
and I promised to.
If she sees us,
we'll tell her we're from utilities
What do utilities services
do in an empty house?
Just checking if there's a gas leak.
You said that people have been
What do you suggest me to tell her?
That we're television servicemen?
Maybe electricians?
Do what you want, I'm leaving.
Kolya, wait. It's the real mystety.
You're gonna regret if you leave.
Okay, but not for long.
We'll come inside,
say that we're sorty,
you'll say you lived here
and forgot your text-book.
You're a genius. Go first.
- I think we shouldn't.
- Yes, we should. Are you scared?
There's no one there.
Let's get out of here.
Quiet! She might be upstairs.
Alright, let's check there
and leave then.
Why don't they take this house
They don't, because
prince Volkonskiy lived here.
Or maybe it was Trubetskoy.
Prince could've built a better house.
Of stone for example.
It was an unusual prince.
He was a Decembrist.
Maybe Pushkin came to visit him.
I think you're exaggerating a little.
I swear. A restorer lives near us,
he said that to my father.
This house is going to be
reconstructed so it would look like it
did before.
I even think they kept arms here
to use it for overthrowing autocracy.
- She left.
- Where? Through the window?
Okay, I still have to buy kefir.
- Wait, but she was here, wasn't
- Then keep looking for her.
- Go into the circle.
- I'm here already.
- Grasp the hand-rails.
- Where are they?
Close your eyes.
Breathe deeply.
Don't cheat.
Transferring is finished.
Have a good trip!
Once you finished cleaning,
don't forget to switch off the control
Will do.
Why are you so sad, Verter?
No reason.
Where are you going to be?
Are you going to Kosmodrome?
Why are you asking?
No reason.
In case somebody calls.
Today's a weekend.
Finally it is going to be over,
and I will play chess.
Actually, I need to retire.
I am going to notify Litvok about it.
Let him allow me to have some rest.
I am vety tired
with such work.
Hello, Ivan Sergeevich.
Where have you been?
I've been rescuing
the Alexandria Libraty from the fire.
This is an unknown Aischylos
And this is Aristophanes autograph.
Thank you, Verter.
Now I'm going to have a shower
and go to bed.
- Just a minute, Ivan Sergeevich.
- What?
You cannot go to have a shower
before we make a list of all the
What a bureaucrat you are, Verter!
I spent all month
in battles and walking.
I was drowning
in the Mediterranean Sea.
I was dying of starvation
in the Egypt sands.
I worked like a horse
during the fire in Alexandria.
And I haven't had
a single shower during that.
But if we screw up with the
documentation our children will not
forgive us.
What is your inventoty number?
Aischylos tragedy.
Are you sure
this is Aischylos tragedy?
Yes, I am.
It's stated there.
It is not in Russian.
Of course it's not, Verter.
Aischylos couldn't write
tragedies in Russian.
It is a pity...
that I have to believe your words.
Ivanov A.V. Brought a creature
from the Age of Reptiles the other
Гостья из будущего

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