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Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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(male narrator)
Previously on
Battlestar Galactica.
This planet is Kobol.
The birthplace of mankind.
Organize a ground survey team.
Three Raptors.
They're everywhere!
Get us out of here!
Pull it up!
Get down!
Galactica. Apollo.
Starbuck just jumped away.
If you go back to Caprica...
and bring me the arrow,
it will show us
the way to Earth.
I'm terminating
your presidency...
as of this moment.
l am placing you under arrest,
Madam President.
This is mutiny. You know that.
(No. 6)
See the face of the shape
of things to come.
lsn't she beautiful, Gaius?
l'm not a Cylon.
This isn't happening.
(Cylon Boomer)
You can't fight destiny,
It catches up with you.
No matter what you do.
(crew chattering)
Make a hole!
Where are the medics?
Where's Doc Cottle?
Off-ship, on rounds
in the fleet, sir.
Stand clear!
Pressure. Sgt. Fischer
reporting, sir.
You got it?
Pressure! Yeah.
lt's lodged too far.
l'm calling for him.
He's gotta be drugged.
He's gotta be aggressive.
What's the status
on the bleeding?
Let's go.
Are we supposed
to do that here, though?
No, we're gonna get him
into med bay...
as soon as possible.
l'm your new shipmate.
Bill Adama.
Saul Tigh.
We've got tension pneumo.
l'm gonna stick him
and release the pressure.
He's gonna be okay.
What's going on?
What happened?
Sergeant of the Guards,
secure that thing in the brig.
Aye, sir. Hollis, Wenzler,
let's go! Let's go!
No! Wait!
Okay, he's breathing.
l didn't do anything!
Let's get him down
to sickbay, RFN.
Valerii shot the old man.
She must be a Cylon.
The Colonel's in command.
You're second.
Make a hole!
Sergeant, secure
Capt. Adama.
Put him in the brig!
Colonel! Col. Tigh!
Let's go!
l didn't do it!
He's my father!
Colonel! Colonel!
Could this be a prelude
to a Cylon attack?
How would they know
where we are?
Valerii could have
told them, sir.
What? How?
When we were aboard
the Base Star...
she left the Raptor
for a few minutes and
came back without her helmet.
She might have told
the Cylons everything,
our position, defenses....
Colonel, the toasters
have knocked out our CO.
This has gotta be part
of a bigger plan.
l recommend we execute jump
to emergency standby
Colonel, l've located
Doc Cottle. He's aboard
the Rising Star.
(computer beeping)
Single contact!
Cylon Base Star,
bearing 487-carom-015!
Sir, we can't stay here.
(alarm blaring)
So what's your plan here?
Personally, l tend to go with
what you know...
till something
better turns up.
Dee, alert the fleet.
We are making
an immediate jump
to the emergency coordinates.
Sir, Doc Cottle is still
15 minutes away.
He'll have to rejoin us
on the other side of the jump.
Sir, what about our people
on the surface of Kobol?
(alarm continues blaring)
lf they're still alive,
they'll have to wait.
Galactica to all vessels.
Prepare to make
immediate FTL jump
to escape coordinates Alpha.
l say again,
escape coordinates Alpha.
Clock will start on my mark.
Captain, what have they
done to you?
What's going on?
My father's been shot.
Someone get
this frakking thing
off me, please?
l'm not authorized
to do that yet.
l'm behind the frakking bars!
how bad is your father?
Two bullets in the chest.
ls Dr. Cottle with him?
No. Doc Cottle's not on board.
Attention, Galactica.
Fleet is away.
Звездный Крейсер Галактика - Сезон 2

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