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I'm sick of your music!
Turn down the volume.
Turn it down!
It turned out
you are good in women.
Well, at least betterthan you are.
Women don't have will-power,
thanks God.
I don't have will-power?
Don't worry,
I'll put you in your place.
I hope I'm at my place already.
You can hope.
- You'll get it in the neck.
- I'm kidding.
Pull over.
- I'm starting. Note the time.
- Go. I'll be watching.
- Have I ever lied to you?
- But don't turn off your phone.
And you don't call every minute.
The Stroll
No, you can't.
And why?
Because I don't give
my names to strangers.
And you are right in that.
Giving names to strangers
is too flippantly, it's a bad form
and I would even say
that it's vulgarity.
What beautiful eyes you have!
What's your name?
I'm not telling you.
If you want I can call you Stranger.
Do you know,
there is a picture with such name.
It's now being printed
in candy's wrapping.
you can see it here in a museum.
It's not "Stranger", it's "Unknown".
And it's not here, it's in Moscow,
in Tretyakovskaya Gallery.
As always, everything what's good
is in Moscow. Like a tragedy.
At least I can console, that girls
in our city are more intelligent.
- Me?
- Yes, you.
Do you study or work?
I'm just walking.
My name is Alexey.
Do you mind having a company?
I love walking with mysterious ladies.
- Maria suits you. Maria, the name.
- Maria?
I'd call you Mary.
No my name is Olya, as simple as that.
Olga, Olga, Olga.
Something very ancient.
Some queens, Tatar incursions,
a long narrow river,
sad songs of the north people.
- Let's go to the north, Olga.
- To the north?
We'll be in fur and hide
and I'll show you a passionate dance.
Slow it down.
- You talk too much.
- Maybe.
You don't have to show off.
I'm already walking with you.
- Let's be informal.
- What a wonderful idea!
I didn't dare to ask that first.
- Where are we going to?
- Where are we going to?
Just walking.
I like just walking and looking around.
The weather is great.
I don't see anything what is
worthy of special attention.
All attention is paid to certain Olya.
- Do you see a man in a red T-shirt?
- Yes.
He's waving his hands.
I've been watching him for a long time.
- He is a complete idiot.
- You really think so?
- Wanna try?
- OK. Let's.
Excuse me.
- Hello.
- Hello.
- Would you like to go to a theatre?
- With you, babe?
- Where are you going, baby?
- Sorry, good bye.
It's really impressing.
- Are you always so good in people?
- Almost.
Can you say something
about this woman in the light skirt?
Of course.
Lazy, untidy, a mess in herflat.
She thinks about meeting her prince.
- How do you know that?
- Do you see unshaved legs?
That means she is lazy, untidy,
not interested in men who surround her,
varicose veins,
that means she gave a birth.
And she's wearing a white skirt, because
she wants to attract men's attention.
How did you know
she had scandals with her husband?
Just my imagination.
Maybe that was her reason of divorce.
She is not
an interesting subject to talk about.
- What did you think about me?
- About you?
You are funny, foppish,
like to be in the centre of attention.
Then, there was something else
what I thought about you.
- What was that?
- Not gonna tell you.
- Come on, tell me.
- I won't. You'd get offended.
- I won't. Please tell me.
- No.
You are not lucky with girls.
- You're right.
- You see?
- How did you guess?
- Somehow.
You just fall in love with wrong ones.
I have a friend, Petyunya,
he is very easy.
He tells me, that I sense bitches.
- Are you a bitch?
- No, I'm a very nice girl.
- But, of course, I have some bitching.
- I appreciate your honesty.
Hey, what do you think about yourself?
- About myself?
- Yes.
- I like dreaming.
- And what do you dream about?
- I pretend to be sugar.
- Swimming in a glass?
No. Like I am a brick of sugar.
Very refractory, hard.
I'm in hot tea or coffee


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