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Корабль чудовищ

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EndThis is an atom.
This is the universe.
An atom is infinitely small.
The universe is infinitely large.
However, everything is ruled by the same laws.
Man has learned to release the power of the atom
and with it wants to conquer the universe,
but he dreams of leaving the earth and leaving his seed
on a distant planet, perhaps with the subconscious desire
of starting a new race,
one that will remain ignorant of atomic power and warfare.
And that is a planet known to us.
Lets go, on a characteristically dark night, to Venus.
A night in which they're organizing the most important
planetary flight in their history.
Gamma, Commander in Chief of the interplanetary craft.
The last male has died on our planet due to the atomic scourge.
You will fly to other planets in search of males to make the most
perfect of them the founder of a new race.
Have you understood the scope of your mission?
I will bring the most beautful male specimens to Venus
and the most perfect of them will sire the new generations of Venus.
And you Beta, foreigner to Venus, daughter of Ur,
planet of shadows, you've been assigned as a companion
to Gamma on this heroic quest.
You are the best navigator of your people.
In you we trust.
The elliptical orbits coincide. You must go.
The Ship of Monsters
The left motor has lost two tons.
Looks like our guests have started a party.
We should be patient with them, they're males deprived of liberty.
We've kidnapped them, we can't imagine they'd be happy about it.
The left motor!
I told you.
Freeze the males.
It's necessary to make an emergency landing on the nearest planet.
I don't recognize that planet.
It's Antarssis 135-sub-2, planetoid of the 4th order.
How do you know?
Before the men of my planet disappeared because of the atomic war
they left all their knowledge in my electronic brain.
They planned on exploring that planetoid, then later
decided it was not worth it.
It is inhabited by beings that seem to be intelligent,
but they do not know what they want and enjoy destroying each other.
It has an atmosphere!
Dense, comprised primarily of oxygen.
The friction could set our craft on fire!
Emergency cooling!
We're entering the atmosphere.
The temperature has tripled.
I hope the structure will hold...
A wishing star!
Lets make a wish! I hope for a pretty girl, but one who loves me.
To the star that crosses the firmament
I ask you to give me a divine love
to get me off the road, on the back of a horse,
looking but not finding, someone for my affections.
I want her to be not too fat and not too skinny
just make sure she's full of life!
the say around here that I'm a bad guy
they swear it by judge and jury
they say I'm a crook and a liar and I chicken out in the end
but know that it's not true, my horse'll tell you I never lie
What's going on, man's best friend and you're dumping me on my head?
Good thing we're alone, if you had said that in front of anyone
else I'd have to plant my boot in you.
To the star that crosses the firmanent
I ask you to give me a divine love
a divine love
Breathable atmosphere,
normal temperature.
Odd vegetation.
Let's explore while Torr finds the problem.
Liar, man, liar!
Hey, don't start raising false accusations!
If I'm lying may the ground open swallow me up, along with all of you!
Well, just Tero then.
I swear what I'm saying is true!
It was by the big lumber yard, two bandits popped up
behind me and bam! They fired a shot.
Well, I heard the sound of the bullet two times.
First when the bullet passed me, and then when I passed the bullet.
The only thing I could think was that I only had one shot in my gun.
And what'd they do? They kill you?
Well, even dead and all I would've let you know, I'm reliable.
Well, I pulled out my gun and my knife, put the knife in
the very center of the barrel, I fired a shot,
the bullet
Корабль чудовищ

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