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Executive Producer Soma H.Z. Chung
Producer Choi Soonsik
Co- producer Park Dojun
Co- executive Producers
Lee Dongjoo, Lee Seokjun
Kim Raewon
Moon Geunyoung
Director Kim Hojun
Hey, you can't kick that...
You haven't changed one bit.
It's you, Boeun.
You're a big girl now. Great body!
Nice curves.
Drop it, okay?
Hey, you little girl!
Hey, give me a break!
They look so nice and shiny...
Stop staring. You'll sprain your eyes.
No, it's just that they look familiar.
Anyway, what brings you here?
Missed me so that
you had to skip school?
No, it's the school's anniversary.
I was forced to come here.
I'm wasting my time
when I really have to study.
Yeah, there's only 2 years left
to the national exam.
But people like you really make
college look undesirable.
What do you mean?
You're a pervert and a playboy.
I may be a playboy,
but not a pervert.
Here's your present.
Just for you, keep it
a secret to the family.
Pretty, isn't it?
It's padded. Real thick.
You're a pervert!
Should I help you put it on?
- Should I?
- Want me to punch you?
- My son! My son's home!
- How have you been?
- Welcome home.
- Thanks.
- How was your trip?
- Fine. How have you been?
- Grandfather's waiting. Hurry.
- Okay.
- Mom, it's heavy. I'll carry it.
- Okay.
You've changed.
What was all the rush?
And is grandpa really sick?
Son, brace yourself, okay?
Delicious, isn't it?
I made it myself,
just for you, grandfather.
Really tasty.
No one but you can take
such good care of me.
Of course, I'm your
only granddaughter.
You've really grown.
Now you look like a lady.
She may have grown,
but she's still a child.
I'd be married in the old days.
Right grandfather?
Absolutely. A married woman.
- Sangmin, come sit here.
- Yes, grandfather.
You two, hear me out.
You may have heard this story
Sangmin's grandfather was an
old friend and war comrade
When we were young, we made a pact.
To marry our kids.
But you two had only sons.
So, our pact was passed down
to the next generation.
I hope you two can
keep this promise.
What are you saying?
You idiot! Grandpa wants you
to marry Sangmin!
You must be joking grandpa!
Marry Sangmin?
Hey! Your grandpa's not kidding!
I can die peacefully after
you two get married!
This way I can face Sangmin's grandpa.
How can a high schooler get married!
Anyone over 15 can marry
with their parent's consent.
I haven't much time left, you know?
No, I won't.
Sorry grandpa but I'll forget
what you just said.
He hasn't finished speaking!
I'm speechless myself.
It's me. I'm back.
I'm back in Korea, standing
in front of the dept. Office.
Hey, there's new blood in the dept.
- How are you?
- Oh, yeah.
The chicks are great!
Let's get together after class.
Hey, Sangmin!
What a surprise!
Has it been a year already?
No, family business.
How about you?
Great. My looks...
- keep me too busy...
- Come on...
Come back when I'm the TA.
It'll help when you skip classes.
Would I, a model student, do that?
Besides, it's my last year...
Friend, my good friend!
- How have you been!
- Great dude!
Look at him! Life in the West
has done you well!
What brought you back?
Problems at home?
- Yeah something's up at home...
- Huh? What?
- I'm getting married... damn.
- Huh? Bastard!
Hey, is it a black or white girl?
Only you should know about it~
I'm just 17~
Come, come silently ~
Here and there~
They're making such a fuss.
- Shh! They'll hear you.
- Why? You think you're different?
My doctor said I have
20 more years to go!
Change of plans. I'll make my move.
Just back me up.
I understand.
They switched it.
Isn't he the guy?
They switched it. Remember?
I really wish they wouldn't play
those things on TV.
I guess the wedding's really on.
What am I
Eorin shinbu

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