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EndGorky Film Studio
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Music by
English Subtitles by
T. Kameneva
Sergey Zhuravlyov - V. POPOV
Nikolai Fokin - N. GUBENKO
Slava Kostikov - S. LYUBSHIN
Olga Mikhailovna Zhuravlyova - Z. ZINOYEVA
Vera Zhuravlyova - S. STARIKOVA
Second Lieutenant
Alexander Zhuravlyov - L. PRYGUNOV
Lucia Kostikova - T. BOGDANOVA
Conductor - L. SELYANSKAYA
Kuzmich - Sasha BLINOV
Anya's Father - L. ZOLOTUKHIN
Chernousov - P. SHCHERBAKOV
Vladimir Vasilyevich - G. NEKRASOV
This is Radio Moscow.
Moscow time is 7:30.
You got a leave?
No, I came for good.
Now, now, there she goes.
When did you come?
- What?
- I say when did you come?
I can't hear you!
- Why didn't you write?
- What?
When did you come?
- I can't hear you!
- I can't either!
Turn it off!
Turn off the music!
I'm asking: why didn't you write?
I can't hear you.
Come on down!
The elevator doesn't work as usual.
Slava, you forgot!
- What?
- The bottles!
Bring them up here!
Come on, don't be shy.
Where have you been so long?
Lucia, there was a queue there.
No buttermilk, I took "B"- rice.
He's just being modest.
He let all the young
mothers go ahead of him,
led an old lady across the street,
and helped to detain a hooligan.
Is that all?
And what's this?
We're having a party.
We have to celebrate.
Celebrate what?
Come in.
Where have you come from?
From afar.
Why are you standing there?
Come on in.
- Well, to the disarmament.
- To the disarmament.
Let's join in the peaceful,
constructive work.
Goodbye, guys.
Lucia, why are you fluttering there?
How you doing here? What's new?
Slavka got all the news. He's a father,
a family man, a home owner.
Yes, we got a room.
- Getting into the swing of consumerism?
- I am.
Like crazy.
Bought a bra and a floor lamp.
You can't stop him now.
- A money-grubber.
- A skinflint.
- Gobseck.
- You're just envious.
And why can't
single young men
be envious of someone else's
happy family life?
Get your own.
- How do you like my creation?
- He's all right. What's his name?
- Volodya.
- Vladimir Stanislavovich.
And the mother has changed.
- For better or worse?
- Got more mature.
Got older. How can it be otherwise,
with no help from him at home?
- How old is he?
- Five months.
- And twenty days.
- Men grow so fast.
And we are getting old.
Well, to the peaceful...
- You'll scare the baby to death.
- Depriving me of a father's rights.
To the peaceful coexistence,
which might make us
family men.
He'll skip it.
I didn't know you were
against peaceful coexistence.
- I'm not against it.
- He'll skip it.
Let the enemies of peace skip this
toast, but we'll drink to it.
Seryozha, eat something.
It's really great coming back from
the army, everyone's happy to see you.
It seems, my dear old friend,
We shouldn't have guarded our freedom.
For we have saved thus nothing less
Than our own loneliness.
You know Lenka Karabanova?
From House 12.
Pashka Kashlakov was seeing her.
She got married to a master of sports.
Zhenka Zhuravlyov is a big man.
I met Sergachyov there,
he got ears like this, even bigger.
- He's a great guy.
- It depends on how you look at him.
He's playing for "Spartak",
they gave him a room.
- In Cheryomushki?
- Right.
They wake you up
at night by an alert,
and make you double- time 20 kilometers
in full marching order.
They wake us up
each night here by an alert.
It's a nice city, a green one.
Though, too hot.
We walk up to the movie theatre.
"Lonely woman" is on.
- What woman?
- It's a movie, "Lonely Woman".
- Deserted woman.
- Dumped woman.
- Unhappy woman.
- Forgotten woman.
The woman in white.


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