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Die Hard 4.0 English Subtitles
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 I am sending you the code.
Yes I see that, thank you.
- What about my account?
- Delivering.
 I have just sent it,
you should have it.
Yes, thank you.
 Are you sure that this is legal?
 we are just running a test on our
security systems, Sir,
 it is fine.
 you have a sexy voice. Err, is
there anything else we can do for you?
- To you?
- We have a winner.
Yo, guess who just made 50,000 today.
- What did you do to my drive, man?
- Man, shut up I didn't touch it.
Man, don't ever touch my computer.
The diagnostics show no damage but we are
certain that it was an intentional breech.
Are you saying we were hacked?
It wasn't a denial of service level.
They definitely cracked our door.
OK. Open the "Black Eye" files.
I want every hacker in the country,
who could have done this,
interviewed, now.
Sir, that is close to a thousand names.
With the holiday weekend, we are
short staffed as it is.
We are meant to stop this happening
and it just did.
Just get it done.
Sir, it is the middle of the night and
they are scattered over the whole country.
Fine, get local enforcement help.
Somebody thinks they can screw with us.
I want to find out who.
Dennis, I said no.
Lucy, you're killing me, alright?
- Get out of the car.
- What?
- Out of the car, now!
- Don't touch me.
- No means no jerk-off.
- What are you doing?
- John, stop it!
- Don't call me that.
I hate it when you call me that.
- Do you know this guy?
- Shut up, shut your mouth.
Stop it I mean it!
Dad? You said your dad was dead.
You told this jerk-off I was dead?
- You actually said that?
- I may have exaggerated a little.
And is this guy your boyfriend?
- No!
- Yes!
I don't know.
We will see.
What are you doing here?
You don't answer your phone,
you don't return my calls.
That is because I am not
talking to you.
Why aren't you talking to me
this time, Lucy?
why not?
You want a list?
How about stuff like this:
you spy on me!
Do I spy on you?
You come over here and
drag my boyfriend of the car...
- You said that he is not your boyfriend.
- He is not!
- But you said that I was...
- God! Just...
You are such an asshole.
I am sorry for pulling your
not boyfriend out of the car.
Let's just get in the car.
- Wont both of you just go away?
- Talk to me, Lucy.
I am tired and I am going for bed.
You are damn right alone.
Lucy, wait one minute.
I want to talk to you.
When I want to talk to you.
If I want to talk to you.
I'll call you.
Wait, Lucy! Lucy!
- Lucy McClane!
- It is not McClane, it is Gennero.
Chicks, right?
I'm gonna go.
I'll go.
 it is Sclavino.
This is McClane.
- What are you doing at Rutgers?
- How does you know where I am?
We had all the cars tracked
4 years ago, you remember.
I am looking exactly
at where you are.
So that's not something that I
would turn on.
Yes, we did that, John.
We turned them on.
The feds have called in a favour.
 they are doing a sweep.
They want us to pick up a
a computer hacker in Camden.
The last name is Farrell.
 THE first name is Mathew.
 What are you telling me for?
 It's 3 in the morning.
Im on my way home.
Send a jug-head from the Academy.
They will be happy to go pick this kid up.
I can't just send
any one in uniform.
 The feds demanded
a senior detective.
 The kid is a high value subject.
 I don't know.
Just pick him up.
Escort him to the
Hoover building in Washington.
They had some kind of
computer breech there this morning.
Give me the information.
Give me that name again
What is it?
You owe me one, Jack.
God damn it.
Plan B,
We do it ourselves
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