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in association with the Russian
Federal Agency of Cinema
a Studio ''COURIER'' production
Oleg Menshikov
Chulpan Khamatova
Oleg Yankovsky
Vladimir Ilyin
Varvara Andreeva
Aleksei Petrenko
Andrei Panin
Sergei Gorobchenko
Inga Strelkova-Oboldina
Kirill Pirogov
Natalya Kolyakanova
Andrei Krasko
Irina Brazgovka
Sergei Migitsko
Anton Khabarov
Directed by
Alexandr Proshkin
based on the novel by
Boris Pasternak
Script by
Yuri Arabov
Directors of Photography:
Gennady Karyuk, Alexandr Karyuk
Original Music by
Eduard Artemyev
Production Designer:
Viktor Yushin
Art Director:
Vladimir Ermakov
What are you doing?
You can't do that.
It's dangerous!
-I don't know you.
-I'm a court attorney. Mr. Gordon.
-Gordon who?
-I'm from Orenburg.
Let's go to my compartment.
We'll get to know each other better.
Let's go. Don't be shy.
-We'll talk about everything.
-Leave me alone.
This way.
Are you traveling here
for business or pleasure?
Excuse me.
It's a lousy town. Nasty.
However, all of Europe
is buying our wheat!
-Used to buy.
-After you.
This year the prices went up.
What's the point if they can get it
for half the price in Europe?
-There is no point.
-Yes, you're right.
You must understand what's
happening. You're a court attorney.
No, I don't understand.
Please, sit down.
If you don't understand ,
then no one will.
I'm asking you to sit down.
Just like that.
Whether there are crops or not,
the peasants remain poor.
Lev Nikolayevich said ,
''The peasant does not starve
from lack of bread
but from the lack of pig feed.''
Who is Lev Nikolayevich?
Ah , yes.
What are you reading , young man?
Alexandr Blok.
Never heard of him.
Misha's into modern poetry.
He even writes poetry himself.
Can I see it?
Is our nation all quiet?
No, the Emperor's been killed
Rumors of a new freedom
Are spreading in the street
Who can tame the people?
That dark, wicked and ferocious one
Whom a monk saw at the temple door
And turned blind on the spot
His iron shepherd's staff
Drives the people like sheep
Toward unknown abysses
God, let's run away from justice
Misha, that's decadent nonsense.
People used to write about Christ.
Now they write about the anti-Christ.
Christ never existed.
-Excuse me?
I mean , he did live.
But he was never resurrected.
Renan wrote so.
I thought you jumped off the train.
Viktor Ippolitovich,
have you heard the news
that Christ was never resurrected?
Do you still have doubts about it?
You know, young man ,
Apostle Paul says
our faith is worth nothing
if Jesus was not resurrected.
Exactly. It's not worth anything.
Let's go.
Do you know what my partner
offered to do the other day?
To trade in holy relics.
Ashes, bones?
Just like in Gogol's book.
Every kopeck invested earns a ruble.
One ruble!
At least in theory.
Pardon me.
At the disposal
of the Holy See in Rome
there are some 1 ,000 holy relics
of the so-called righteous men.
There are lots of them in Italy.
Let them share.
We can ask the Vatican to rent us
these relics temporarily.
This way, it won't be
a humanitarian endeavor only,
but also a commercial one.
I am telling you , our savage people
would come to see the relics.
Wouldn't you agree?
There's no such thing
as holy relics.
Only dust.
The result of decomposition.
I forbid you to read this book!
May I read it?
You? Sure.
That dark, wicked and ferocious one
Let's go.
Keep writing , young man.
My son is your age.
I hear he writes too.
I haven't seen him for a long time,
since his mother's funeral.
Back then he was three,
no, four years old.
Let me give you something
as a souvenir.
-Give me back the medal.
-Have you lost your mind? I won't.
Give it back, I said.
You lost it at chess.
Give it back
or I will get it by force.
-Gentlemen , excuse us.
-You don't have to!
Such things aren't given as

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