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First Artistic Association
Dedicated to the pilots of
the Red Banner Northern Fleet
Based on the war stories by
Screenplay by
Directed by
Director of Photography
Vladimir ILYIN
Production Designer
Music by Alexander KNAIFEL
Sound by Galina LUKINA
English Subtitles by
Tatiana Kameneva
R. NAKHAPETOV as Belobrov
A. ZHARKOV as Cherepets
A. BOLTNEV as Gavrilov
S. SADALSKY as Dmitrienko
T. KRAVCHENKO as Maroussia
V. GLAGOLEVA as Shoura
The baby's awake.
Go to sleep!
- We could cover his eyes.
- No.
- Today is your birthday.
- My birthday, not yours.
- Shura...
- So we'll do as I say.
Right, baby?
You agree, don't you?
The Plotnikovs are already up.
Good morning. What's up?
The day I get shot down,
it'll be too late.
You're a big idiot.
Your foot.
Good morning from the officers'
club broadcasting room!
And now, for our first program...
An early bird.
- Good morning, sister!
- Good morning, Colonel.
- I'm only a first lieutenant.
- And we're nurses.
You may be a nurse,
but she's my kid sister.
One, two, three...
- You've only gotten up to three?
- Thirty-three!
Hold it, Diehard.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Shall we have a smoke, Sergei?
May I, Commander?
One, two, push!
You think you're strong enough
for that?
Cherepets, come here a second,
Why are you picking on them?
They had the nerve to question
my honesty.
I went to the theatre last night
and they were in my seats.
So they said
I had the phony tickets.
They said to my girl:
"Your sergeant here has got
a phony pair of tickets..."
Are you positive the tickets were
Major, sir,
you know me.
How can you even think
that I would fake tickets?
What's new in the naval air force?
Cherepets is up to his neck in
a big ticket fraud scandal.
It's not true! Yesterday, I was
given two theatre tickets.
I went there, and they were
sitting in my seats.
And they said,
"Your tickets are false".
Look at their smug mugs, but all
they know is "check your torpedo"...
- What's all this about?
- Cherepets forged the tickets.
- That's not true!
- Dismissed!
I can't give you an answer
until after the flight.
Yes, on orders.
Well, we'll discuss that
when I get back.
Dmitrienko, you just might
lose your teeth.
I can do it for four minutes now,
As soon as I add another minute,
I'm going to put on a show for you.
Forget it. Stop making
a circus out of my regiment.
You would hang there while
the music played, that's your show?
No, I won't allow such disgrace.
- What kind of jam is it?
- Apricot.
Fall in, men!
Right dress!
General, the special torpedo
and mine regiment is in formation.
How are you today?
Let's hear you.
Fine, thank you,
Our scouts report the existence
of a fascist convoy in the area.
That means work for everybody.
We'll cover you up.
- Any changes in contact?
- Radio contact is the same.
Weather forecast?
Cloud density from six to eight.
Visibility ten meters maximum.
- Go on.
- Yes, sir.
To furnish us with technical
and tactical data on possible
torpedo launching, will go...
- Lieutenant Kurochkin.
- Here!
- And Captain Gavrilov.
- Yes, sir!
The choice of crew is yours.
- Permission to fall in?
- You're more than a minute late.
- By my watch...
- You might as well get rid of it.
- May I fall in now?
- You may.
Regiment, dismissed!
Major Plotnikov!
You'll take the lieutenant.
I'll take Gavrilov.
- You want to fly with me?
- All right.
The plane's ready for takeoff,
Shall I get the second plane ready?
Alignment is okay.
Remove the right clamp.
My son's teacher
wrote me
that Igor almost drowned
himself in a barrel.
He'll make a good marine.
Navigator, we'll be the first
to take off.
It was a great gag, Lieutenant!
The way he threw his watch
You two

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