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EndFilm studio "Soyuzmultfilm"
in the cartoon film
Bobik visits Barbos
Screenplay of M.Libin
based on the tale by N.Nosov
Director: V.Popov
Art directors: N.Erykalov, L.Khachatryan
Composer: V.Komarov
Camera: K.Rasulov
Sound: B.Filchikov
Animators: E.Maslova, N.Rogova, O.Komarov, F.Eldin, N. Bogomolova, N.Fyodorov, S.Marakasov
Assistants: L. Nikitina, L.Krutovskaya
Editor: N.Stepantseva
Script editor: R.Frichinskaya
Director: F.Ivanov
Do you want to walk more or what?
You're in charge of the house till 6 o'clock .
Where are you running to?
Nowhere. I just run.
But why are you sitting at home? Let's run together!
Hehe, I can't.
I'm in charge of the house now.
Why don't you come over here?
Won't anyone kick me out?
Out of the question!
Grandpa comes only in the evening.
Come on! Jump in the window!
your kennel in contrast to mine is good and big...
Gink! It's not a kennel, but an apartment!
There are two rooms with the kitchen
and a bathroom.
You can go where you like!
What's up?
So what?
It's just a broom!
What do you understand in life?..
Haven't you ever been beaten by this thing?
No way!
What on earth is it?
It makes always "Tick-tock! Tick-tock!"
and there is something hanging below...
That's a clock.
Haven't you ever seen a clock?
What is it for?
Well, it's such a thing...
it's such a thing, you see... it's a clock!
They go.
How can they go?
They don't even have a leg!
Well, how can I explain you?..
Well, it's just being said so
but actually it is banging and then...
starts to beat.
Oh my, it fights at that!
No, no, "to beat" means "to clang".
Bong! Bong!
You did hear it yourself just now!
And what's this?
A fridge.
It's a very useful thing, you see.
For example, if you put there a sausage,
it can stay there for a long time.
It wouldn't stay for a long time with me.
I would eat it immediately!
Would you like some cheese?
Sure thing!
Or a cutlet?
Or a cutlet!
He, and what would you like to eat more?
Everything! I'd like to eat more cheese and more cutles!
Life is so good for you here!
You have everything!
Yeah, I can't complain.
I can eat cutles or drink kissel whenever I will
Or look out of window or play on the whatchamacallit...
tramk.. play on the transistor!
And if I want I can lie on the bed!
Does your grandpa allow it?
He's irrelevant.
No big deal!
Actually, everything here belongs me!
The table is mine!
The fridge is mine!
Everything in the fridge is mine too!
What a pity!
Oh, come on!
I have some more.
that will do for the first time!
It feels so good!
But where sleeps grandpa?
Which grandpa?
Ah, grandpa!..
Well, he sleeps over there, in the hall, on the door mat...
But if he doesn't obey, I beat him with the broom...
That's right!
A man is a dog's friend. (x2)
Everyone knows that. (x2)
It's as plain as two and two make four
there's no better being.
He gives you his paw first. (x2)
He doesn't lose his rag. (x2)
No one has ever seen him roaring.
He doesn't bark nor bite.
He doesn't rush passerby
and pays no attention to cats.
What a good education!
I'm coming!
Just a moment!
The End

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