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About Tanya Tyotkina and her drawings
Yevgeni Gabrilovich and Gleb Panfilov
Gleb Panfilov
D. Dolinin
Production Designer
M. Gaukhman-Sverdlov
Music...V. Bibergan
Sound...G. Salie
Director...G. Belgov
Camera Operator...L. Kolganov
Costumes...Y. Slovtsova
Make-up...N. Vesyolova
Story Editor- Y. Medvedev
Film Editor- L. Obrazumova
Drawings- N. Vasilyeva
Set Decoration - Y. Smirnov
Assistant Directors:
N. Stepanov, M, Dakiev, B. Bugunova
Asst Camera Operators:
V. Markov, A. Dudko
Orchestra of the Leningrad
A.M. Theatre, Opera and Ballet
Conductor- N. Rabinovich
Production Manager
N. Neyolov
In the role of:
Tanya Tyotkina...Inna Churikova
Yevstryukov...A. Solonitsyn Fokich...
M. Gluzsky Alyosha...M. Kononov
Maria...M. Bulgakova Colonel...
Y. Lebedev Morozik...A. Marenich
Kolka...V. Kashpur Vasya...V. Beroyev
Zotik...M. Kokshenov Syagin...F. Razumov
L.Malinovskaya, A.Gunina, N.Kuzmin,
V.Matveev M.Mudrov
N.Muravyev, A.Smolikov, N.Surodin,
V.Terehov, S.Churkin
- Seryozhkin! Seryozhkin, come back!
- Seryozhkin, your stitch will come
apart! Seryozhkin!
- Brothers...[inaudible]
- [inaudible]
- Usoitsov! Usoitsov, stop!
Let's go home.
- That's it, good. Let's go, let's go.
- Tyotkina! Tyotkina!
- What? What?
- [inaudible],
run around looking for the ugly brat.
- What's with you? Hey?
- They don't treat me
like a human being.
- Who?
- All of them. Shameless!
- They're wounded...
- So what? With you they fall in line,
but with me?
- I'm also a woman.
- You're a woman?
- Woman! A woman!
- A girl is what you are. A girl.
- A Woman!
- Well, Tanka, take care.
- You haven't seen Morozik
by any chance?
- Over there.
- Til the city and back? I can't...
- Ride on.
- Go my dear! Go my darling! Go!
- Andreivich! Andreivich!
- Hullo!
- Grab the goods.
- Come in.
- Fokich, unload it.
- Tanya. Tan, haul it here.
- Fokich, where'd the Colonel get to?
- He's with their commanding officer.
- They fought together. Got wounded too.
- He misses it.
- Misses what?
- The horses.
- He plays well.
- Alyoshka Semyonov.
- Listen Zotik. Is that a guy or girl?
- What, this one here?
- Over there.
- Guy. Fact, it's a guy.
- Nah.
- It's a guy!
- So why the skirt?
- Cos she's lost her pants!
- Well? Why are you just standing there?
- What heat....
- They sawed it off with a fretsaw.
First the fingers...
- ...then the palm.
So that he couldn't shoot.
- But I'm a lefty. Shoot with my left!
- Here's something.
- Fokich, where are they all off to?
- Alyosha knows them.
- Give it here.
- What's going on there?
- A dead man.
- Some folk were burning bread,
and he wanted to stop it.
- They did him in with pitchforks.
He was a good man.
- Not necessarily smart, but good.
- I didn't like him.
- Keep it to yourself.
- Didn't like him and that's that!
- If you died and it was said about you.
- Say it, I don't care.
- Shut up.
- What?
- Shut up, I said!
- Here, hold this.
- Where is he?
- Who?
- The deceased.
- On the cart. What's it to you?
- No reason.
- A strange one.
- I told you she was a girl.
- Where do we put the laundry?
- Put it down here.
- Let's go home.
- Go away.
- Go away, I'm telling you.
- You devil. Monster!
- My darling! My precious!
- What's with you? Off your head?
- Hold that. Wait, wait.
- Where are you going prettyboy?
You want to go to her?
- Go on, go on.
- What about the horses?
- What about them? Horses are horses.
- Go, go. She's drunk.
- And what's her name?
- How the hell do I know?
- No, without a name I can't.
- "Can't", "can't".
And you talk about being with "women".
- Give the horses some water.
Get lost! Go on. Go.
- Let's go, or I'll whip you wretches.
- Get out! I'll kill you!
- Give me my belt! Witch!
- Semyonov. Semyonov!
- Private. Private.
- How do you know me?
- I know you.
- Where from?
- We delivered laundry to you.
- Do you

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