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Scientific information
about planet Venus
is very scant and contradictory.
Only one's imagination can peek
into this unexplored world.
It might not be as
it is shown in our movie.
But we believe in the feat
of the Soviet people
who will be able to see
the Planet of Storms
with their own eyes.
Based on the novel by
Screenplay by
Directed by
Production Designers
Music by
Vershinin - V.EMELYANOV
Alyosha - G.VERNOV
Shcherba - Yu.SARANTSEV
Allan Kern - G.TEIKH
of popular science films
Attention! This is Radio Moscow!
This is Radio Moscow!
All broadcasting radio stations
of the soviet Union are on.
Here's an official announcement from the
"Telegraph Agency of the soviet Union".
Three soviet Cosmic
Expedition starships...
"Sirius", "Vega" and "Capella"...
have spanned the distance of over
two hundred million kilometers...
...and are safely approaching Venus!
The astronauts are in perfect health!
Having gone all that distance...
... to be caught like that
on the last lap, near Venus...
We're still helpless against large
meteorites. But we were ready to run risks.
I can hardly believe it!
I've just been talking
and making jokes with them.
This is Earth! Let me answer. Go ahead.
"Sirius", "Vega" ...
we are shocked with
the loss of "Capella"
We believe in your determination.
Put the spaceships into
the satellite orbit.
Specify the conditions on the planet.
What are your suggestions?
"Arktur" will be ready for
launch in a week's time.
It'll take "Arktur"
four months to get here.
Just waiting without landing is
a torture. But you know the plan.
One ship, carrying the fuel,
was to remain in the orbit.
The other two were supposed
to land, to back up each other.
Therefore, until "Arctur" has
arrived, landing is impossible.
Impossible for spacecrafts,
but not for people.
What do you mean to say?
Ilya Vassilievych, according to one of the variants, "Vega"'s soaring
glider can land. Yes, with Allan Kern's universal robot on board.
To hell with the robot!
Let me land the glider.
It's a one way journey, Alexey! I know.
I'll be waiting for "Arctur" down there...
...working and transmitting the data
by radio. I'm sure I can do more than
... this piece of metal. Venus should be
seen with human eyes, not with photocells.
What if something happens to you there?
I promise not to call for help.
I'll sign a promissory letter for you.
My life belongs to me.
My life belongs to me...
Mister Kern!
Yes? I need to have a word with you.
Just a moment. I'll
only be half a minute.
I can't believe they are no more.
They were lucky. An
instantaneous death is better.
Mister Kern! I'm all ears, sir.
Instead of your robot, Alexey
wants to land the glider on Venus.
How come, a "Sirius" crew member
would man the "Vega"s glider?
I hope we understand each other.
What are you talking about? What about?
Well, nothing... Alexey is right ...
... the last sacrifice is better
than idling in the outer space...
waiting for a meteorite
to squash you. Like them.
What are you up to, Ivan? Yes, yes. Or the sun may
suddenly give a flash and kill us with radiation.
The Earth won't permit
the landing. It must!
We should land without waiting for
"Arctur" to arrive. Let's figure it out...
... the danger factor
being neglected. It's crazy!
Running risks is a normal
thing in the outer space.
Okey! Make calculations! If you wish,
make use of your new invention. Okey!
"General Cybernetics" has
been long awaiting a real job.
Listen! At such a moment.
seven, twelve, nine...
Hallo, John! Wake up!
Yes, sir? Please...
....dear John.
Give us the best possible variant
of a landing with a safe return,

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