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You take it from here, slugger.
Joe Doyle!
Terry, what do you want?
I got one of your birds.
I recognized him by the band.
It must be Danny Boy.
I lost him in the last race.
He flew into my coop.
Do you want him?
Well, I gotta watch myself
these days. Know what I mean?
Listen, don't worry.
I'll take him up to your loft.
Okay, I'll see you on the roof.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How goes it?
- He's up on the roof.
- The pigeon?
Yeah, white.
I think somebody fell off the roof.
He thought he was gonna sing
to the Crime Commission. He won't.
- I thought they was gonna talk to him.
- That's the idea.
I thought they was gonna talk to him,
get him to dummy up.
Maybe he gave them an argument.
I figured the worst they'd do
was lean on him a little bit.
Like I said, maybe he gave them
an argument.
He's been giving Johnny,
the boss, a lot of arguments lately.
- He wasn't a bad kid, that Joey.
- A canary.
Maybe he could sing,
but he couldn't fly.
Hey, come on.
I'll buy you a drink.
Well, I'll be in there later.
Father Barry is here.
Same thing happened
to my Andy five years ago.
- You're Pop Doyle, the boy's father?
- That's right.
Looks like he fell off the roof, or maybe
he was pushed. Got any ideas?
He was the only longshoreman that
had guts to talk to the investigators.
- Who asked you?
- Everybody knows that.
Shut up. If Joey had took my advice,
he wouldn't be...
- Everybody knows that.
- I said, shut up!
I know how you feel about cops, but
if you give me some leads, I could...
I kept telling him, "Don't say nothing,
keep quiet. You'll live longer."
I've been on the docks all my life,
boy, and there's one thing I learned:
You don't answer no questions
unless you want to wind up like that.
Edie. Edie, come here.
I wanna talk to you. Come with me.
Father, who'd wanna kill Joey?
Who'd wanna kill Joey?
Stay away from him.
Stay away from him!
Edie, listen. Edie!
Edie, remember, time and faith
are great healers.
Father, my brother's dead,
and you talk about time and faith.
My brother was the best kid in the
neighborhood, and everybody said so.
I'm in the church if you need me.
You're in the church if I need you?
Did you ever hear of a saint
hiding in a church?
I wanna know who killed my brother!
What's the matter with you, punk?
Hey, boss, Packy wants
another drink on the cuff.
- Give it to him!
- All right.
Here's the cut on the shape-up.
Eight hundred and ninety-one men,
3 bucks a head. That's 2673.
Charley, you count them.
Got a banana boat on 46 tomorrow.
If we could pull a walkout, it might
mean a few bucks from the shippers.
- Bananas go bad in a hurry.
- Ask 2 G's.
Twenty-six seventy-three.
These clowns can't fight.
There's nobody tough anymore.
Hiya, slugger.
- Hi there, Johnny.
- Hi, kid.
The tough nut!
Don't hit me! Don't hit me!
Where's Morgan?
Where's that big banker of mine?
- Right here, Mr. Friendly.
- Hiya, J.P.
- How's business?
- Having trouble with Kelly again.
He won't take no loans, and Big Mac
puts him to work anyway.
- He's my wife's nephew.
- But he won't take no loans!
I gotta put him to work!
She'd murder me!
That's why I never got married.
Here's the interest on the day,
boss, 532.
Here, you count it.
Counting makes me sleepy.
Hey, Skins. Did you handle
that sheet metal all right?
Yeah. The checker faked the receipt.
Here it is.
When you talk to me,
take the cigar out of your mouth.
- Stow the receipt. I'll take the cash.
- Yeah. Sure.
Here you are. Forty-five bills.
Hey, Terry. You count this.
Go on. It's good for you.
Develops your mind.
- What mind?
- Shut up. I like the kid.
Hey remember the night
he took Farella at St. Nicks?
We won a bundle.
Real tough. Big try.
I lost the count.
Okay. Forget it, Einstein.
How come you never got an education
like your brother Charley?
The only arithmetic he ever got was
hearing the referee count up to 10.
You know, you're not
too funny

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