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Жестокий романс

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Sixth Artists' Association
Based on A.N. Ostrovsky's play
The Dowerless Girl
Written and directed by
Director of Photography
Production Designer
Alexander BORISOV
Music by Andrei PETROV
Sound by
Romance lyrics by
Bella Akhmadulina,
Marina Tsvetayeva,
Rudyard Kipling, Eldar Ryazanov
English Subtitles by
Alissa FREINDLIKH as Ogoudalova
Larissa GUZEYEVA as Larissa
Nikita MIKHALKOV as Paratov
Andrei MYAGKOV as Karandyshev
Alexei PETRENKO as Knurov
Victor PROSKURIN as Vozhevatov
Also starring
Georgy BURKOV as Robinson
Borislav BRONDUKOV as Ivan
as Efrosinia Potapovna
Alexander PYATKOV as Gavrilo
Yuri SARANTSEV as Captain
Olga VOLKOVA as Modiste
Dmitri BUZYLEV as Ilya
Sergey ARTSYBASHEV as Gulyaev
as Officer
I was just admiring the Volga.
I never get tired of looking at it.
I would be honored if you could go
to the theatre with me tomorrow.
They're playing "Camille"
with Madame Smelskaya in the lead.
Thank you, but my mother and I
have already been invited.
May I ask who invited you?
Mister Paratov.
And you're going?
Of course, we are.
My second daughter's going away.
Be sure you look after her, Prince.
There's no need for you to worry.
I'll lay the whole of Tiflis
at your daughter's feet.
And where does he come from,
this Caucasian?
Some officer brought him
to the Ogoudalovs.
As soon as the little prince saw
Olga he got weak in the knees.
For two weeks he kept his hand on
his dagger so no one'd come near her.
Mama dear, where are you
sending me to?
Everything will be all right.
He's a nobleman
and he's in love with you.
He's a stranger, I know,
we can't help it, darling.
There's no one among our own
who would take you without money.
- Oh, mama...
- It will be all right.
- Where are you going, Excellency?
- I'm in a hurry, dear.
But you can't! Stop!
It's forbidden!
Where are you going,
your Excellency?
You're not allowed to ride
horses on the wharf!
You'll have to excuse me, I'm late.
Take my horse.
I'm sorry. Sorry...
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!
I'm sorry I'm late, auntie.
- I wish you happiness.
- Thank you, Sergey Sergeyevich.
Why be jealous?
A great horseman like you is taking
such a lovely girl from us.
Those drunken idiots of mine let
the "Tsarevich" run aground.
It took three tugs to pull her out.
But we did it.
I always feel sad on a pier. Other
people go places and I stay behind.
Shall I take you somewhere?
This very instant!
Just say a word...
You're absolutely crazy!
Come on, make up your mind.
Don't you have the courage?
All ashore!
Why are you crying, mother?
Come visit us in Tiflis.
Don't forget me!
Be sure to write, Olga!
Write to me, Larissa!
There will always be room in our
house for all of you!
Sergey Sergeyevich, your "Swallow"
is coming alongside.
She's a beauty! Would you
be interested in selling her?
Never! My "Swallow"
is the fastest on the Volga.
What do you need the speed for?
You carry only cargo.
I plan to add a passenger service
to the cargo one.
Yes, with money you can do good
business. Happy is the man
who has a lot of money.
I recently read "The New Plutarch,
or the Lives of Great Women".
Larissa Dmitrievna, can you
explain to me
why women usually prefer
evil men
instead of those who are decent?
Do you mean anyone in particular?
No. I was just curious.
Please, Larissa Dmitrievna.
Back up.
Come closer.
- Come closer.
- Go forward, I said.
There's only one way to do it.
It's done.
Allow me, Larissa Dmitrievna.
Thank you, Sergey Sergeyevich.
Watch out, you may break your neck
He's no man for you.
However he may please you.
It won't do you any good to stare,
Yuli Kapitonovich. She's not for you.
- Well, farewell, gentlemen.
- Good luck to you!
Paratov likes to live in
Жестокий романс

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