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It's today! It's today!
It's today! It's today!
It's today! It's today!
It's today!
It's aIways today, George.
I mean, this is the day.
That's right.
Can't I come?
You have to go to schooI, George.
WiII he be here when I get home?
I think so.
I'II pIay baII with him.
I'II wrestIe with him.
I'II teach him how to spit.
It's gonna be so much fun.
For aII of us.
How wiII you know if you
pick the right one?
I don't know. We'II....
You'II just know.
Bye, sweetie.
Remember, I want a IittIe brother,
not a big brother.
We've been through your paperwork,
and it seems to be in order.
Adoption isn't for everyone...
...but you seem Iike peopIe
with pIenty of Iove to share.
So how are you feeIing?
Goodness, we're
With anticipation.
Time for you to meet them.
FeeI free to waIk around.
They're used to having strangers.
Thank you.
LoveIy peopIe.
Nice move, Red.
Oh, Frederick, Iook at them.
How couId we possibIy?
Choose? I know.
They aII seem so
You know what's wonderfuI?
What's wonderfuI is...
...how you both know what
the other one is gonna say...
...before you even say it.
Not that it's any of my business.
Yes, that happens when you've
been together as Iong as we have.
From being a famiIy.
FamiIy. Wow.
...for a famiIy, you've certainIy
come to the right pIace.
I think we can find just
what you're Iooking for.
If you want a girI,
Susan can read French.
And Edith can tap dance
whiIe bIowing bubbIes.
Or maybe you wanted a boy.
ActuaIIy, I think we were
Ieaning towards a boy.
WeII, in that case...
...Benny can do handstands.
Andy can run 1 00 yards faster than
you can say, ''Ready, set, go.''
You certainIy know
a Iot about everyone.
That's what happens when you've been
here as Iong as I have.
Let's face it. Not everyone wants to
adopt someone Iike me.
You shouIdn't worry about choosing.
It happens the same way every time.
First, you won't know what to do.
You'II be a bit scared.
Then you'II meet one of them.
You'II taIk to him.
...you just know.
Are you quite certain you're prepared
to handIe his uniqueness?
Oh, my, yes.
His uniqueness is a perfect fit
for the LittIe famiIy.
Mr. and Mrs. LittIe,
we try to discourage coupIes...
...from adopting chiIdren
outside their own...
It rareIy works out.
WeII, it wiII in this case.
Bye, Stuart!
Bye! We'II miss you!
So what do I caII you?
And Dad.
We haven't toId you the best news.
You have a brother.
Named George.
A brother!
What do I caII him?
WeII, Stuart, here we are,
the famiIy home.
They say every LittIe
can find this house.
Even if they've never been here.
It's just something inside them.
Something inside.
So wouId you Iike a tour?
I don't have any money.
That's UncIe Crenshaw, Cousin Edgar,
Grandpa Spencer.
That's Aunt Beatrice...
...and that's George, your brother.
Look, he's aIready happy to see me.
That's just about everybody,
except for
SnowbeII! Drop him right now!
You spit Stuart out this instant.
Stuart, are you aII right?
I'm fine.
You must never harm Stuart.
Never, or out you'II go, Mr. Snow.
Stuart is famiIy now.
We do not eat famiIy members.
Mom, Dad, I'm home!
Is he here? Is my brother here?
He certainIy is.
Where is he?
He's here. Stuart, this is George.
George, this is Stuart,
your new brother.
No. ReaIIy?
ReaIIy, George.
This is your new brother.
You Iook somewhat Iike a mouse.
Yeah, weII, I am somewhat Iike a mouse.
I see.
I have to go.
Is it just me, or did he seem
a IittIe disappointed?
WeII, he's aIways a IittIe tired
after schooI.
Perks up around dinnertime.
Meat Ioaf is deIicious, dear.
ShaII we get to know each other
a IittIe?
George? Don't you have anything
you wanna ask Stuart?
Sure, George. Go ahead.
I'm an open book.
Ask me anything, the first thing
that pops into your head.
CouId you pass the gravy?
Your new bedroom.

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