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ENDFather Sergius
Based on the story
by Tolstoy [not Tchekov!].
Great success, thanks to the perfect
mastery of the eldest russian
director, Protazanov, who adapted
the work of the great writer.
Several years have gone by.
The cinematographic art
has made huge progress.
And yet "Father Sergius" still stands
as an important landmark in the
cinema history of our country, and
has lost none of its artistic value.
The father of Prince Kossotski,
coronel of the guard in retirement,
had pronounced, as he lay dying,
his wish that his son
followed a career in the army.
The children...
Six years went by.
Kossotski distinguished himself
at the Academy for his brilliant
skills and infinite pride.
And would have been an outstanding
cadet, if not for his violent temperament.
"These chops are inedible!"
"Silence! To the solitary...
forward, march!"
Nikolai Pavlovitch often came
to visit the regiment.
With 18 years old, Kossotski
was promoted to officer
of the aristocratic regiment of the guard.
and as always...
Ten years went by. Kossotski seemed like
a completely ordinary officer.
But he had one secret goal: to obtain the
most brilliant position in high society.
Countess Korotbova, one of the
Empress' favorite maids of honor,
was at first very cold towards him.
"The dances will soon begin."
"First, the mazurka."
"Will you promise me the mazurka,
"You are dancing, you are having fun,
I am pleased, very pleased."
"You have promised me
the mazurka, countess."
"I am tired."
"Sincerely in love with Mary,
Kassotski passion does not let him
realize what everyone knows:
She is Nikolai's mistress."
"People are beginning
to talk about us...
It would be good
if you could find a husband."
"But... maybe, it is possible."
"I understand, your Highness."
The following day.
"My daughter and I would be
very pleased to see you."
Two months after, Kossotski proposes.
"Look how beautiful it is over there."
"I would like to receive an answer."
"As mother wants it."
"I am very happy, Prince."
"Mother... and what if he finds out?"
"But if he loves you truly...
he will forgive you, if he finds out."
On the wedding's eve.
"You know... in the beginning
I wanted to get closer to you...
in a way not entirely disinterested...
but then..."
"You are not angry at me?"
"I must say everything...
I loved him."
"We all love him."
"You... were his mistress?"
"By marrying me,
you wanted to smother all this."
On the same day.
"I resign... immediately."
Arriving in his village, Kossotski decided
very quickly to enter the monastery.
"My decision is firm."
"Perhaps you understand me."
By entering the monastery,
Kossotski showed he despised
everything that seemed
important to others.
"I must speak to the father superior."
And soon...
and he could...
"Sin is getting the better of me."
Three years later,
Prince Stepan Kossotski
went into holy orders
by the name of Sergius.
Four years later Sergius was transferred
to a large monastery in the capital.
will you celebrate the Mass?"
The superior was a skillful man
that had achieved his ecclesiastic
career with the aid of his relations
in high circles.
"And couldn't I see my old
comrade, father Sergius?"
"It's that prince, Kossotski."
"I'm happy to see you
in this angel appearance."
you expose myself to temptations."
In order to avoid any temptation,
Sergius becomes a hermit
in the far away Tambino desert.
In the nearby town.
"It's always the same. I can't
stand it... I'm bored."
Makovkina, an eccentric divorcee,
disturbed all of town with her extravagances.
"Careful, it's loaded!"
"This is the road to Tambino."
"I'll spend the night over
at Kossotski's."
"Dear Lord, why won't you
give me faith?"
"Come get me at three o'clock
in the morning."
"Allow me to come inside...
I'm freezing."
"I'm not the devil,
I'm just a sinner, I'm lost...
I'm looking for a refuge."
"I wandered

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