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- Hello. Grand Hotel.
- The line is busy.
Who is this?
I can connect you with room service.
Is that the clinic?
This is Senf, the head porter, Grand Hotel.
How's my wife? Is she in pain?
Isn't the child coming soon?
Patience? Would you have patience?
This is Otto Kringelein.
Is that you, Heinrich?
Listen. I've got to talk very quickly.
Every minute costs 2 marks 90.
You know that will I made
before I had my operation?
I want you to tear it up.
I came to Berlin to see a great specialist
about that old trouble of mine, you know?
It's pretty bad,
and he says I haven't long to live.
I say, he says I won't live much longer!
No, it isn't nice to be told things like that.
You plague, bother, and save,
and all of a sudden you're dead.
I want to get something out of life.
I'm never going back
to Friedersdorf. Never.
I'm staying here at the Grand Hotel.
It's the most expensive hotel in Berlin.
All the best people stay here.
Even our big boss, Preysing,
is staying here.
I'm going to tell him someday
just exactly what I think of him.
Hello, miss.
This is General Director Preysing.
I want my home in Friedersdorf, please.
Hello. Is that you, Mama?
How are the children?
What news have you
from the factory, dear?
Is your papa there? Good.
Hello, Papa, is that you?
The conference with the Saxonia company
is set for tomorrow morning, Papa.
If the merger does not go through,
we are in very bad shape, Papa.
Everything depends upon news
from Manchester.
If the deal with the Manchester
Cotton Company does not go through...
we're facing a very bad situation, Papa.
I'm Suzette, Mme. Grusinskaya's maid.
Madame will not dance today.
She will not go to the rehearsal.
She did not sleep all night.
There is something preying on her mind.
I gave her a tablet, a Veronal.
She's sleeping now.
This is Baron von Geigern.
Look here, I need money,
or I can't stay at this hotel much longer.
I've laid the groundwork.
I know the exact position of her room.
I've made friends
with her ballet master, Pimenov.
Listen, Heinrich.
I've taken all my savings, everything...
and I'm going to enjoy spending it.
All of it.
It's terribly expensive here, Heinrich.
But it's wonderful.
I can't! I'll lose my job.
It's like being in jail.
Rely on me, Papa.
I will make this merger go through.
I never fail.
Poor Madame. Her mind is tortured.
I'm afraid she will...
I don't need advice, thanks very much.
I need money!
Music all the time. It's wonderful.
Grand Hotel.
People coming, going.
Nothing ever happens.
Mme. Grusinskaya will not want her car.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is not to be brought.
- Here.
- Yes, Baron?
- Adolphus is very vexed with you.
- Yes, Baron?
You didn't take him for his walk
this morning.
- Your door was locked.
- You might have knocked.
Don't you realize? That's why
they don't like little dogs in big hotels.
The doors are locked.
They can't get out. You see?
- Yes, Baron.
- I want you to take him for a good walk.
- You understand?
- Yes, Baron.
- Don't bring him back till he's exhausted.
- No, Baron.
Wait a minute.
It's quite all right.
- Hello?
- Is that for me?
No. Mme. Grusinskaya's car
is to be brought.
Mme. Grusinskaya's car is to be brought.
Good evening.
Will you send this to Mme. Grusinskaya?
- Yes, Baron.
- Thanks very much.
Good evening. My key, 168.
- Good evening, Mr. Pimenov.
- Good evening, Baron.
- How is the beautiful lady?
- Grusinskaya?
To tell the truth, Baron,
tonight we're a little bit nervous.
Were you at the theater last night?
I'm always there
when Grusinskaya dances.
- Last night was not so good.
- I thought she was splendid.
Is Mr. Preysing in? I'm Dr. Zinnowitz.
- Mr. Preysing. Visitor.
- Mr. Preysing.
- Here you are.
- Sorry to have kept you waiting.
Waiting? I've been waiting for news
from Manchester.
- No news yet?
- No news.
That's bad. You can't hold out unless
you merge with the

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