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(shouting in French)
I had one of them in my sights.
Why not let me shoot?
Because that is not my plan,
Mr. Hunter.
The plan?
We're here to fight them,
aren't we?
No, we're here to defeat them.
(shouting in French)
Bonjour, mes amis.
Les Anglais!
No, it's King George, frog-face!
Come on, men!
Forward, men!
(shouting, grunting)
You evil...
(speaking French)
It'll take a bigger rat
than you, boy.
Quarter-deck, get the officers!
I must ask you
to surrender, Captain.
Lay down your arms!
Very well.
To whom do I have the honor
of surrendering
my ship, sir?
Horatio Hornblower,
acting lieutenant
of His Britannic Majesty's
frigate, Indefatigable.
Mr. Hornblower,
where are the rest of my men?
Lieutenant Dubois?
They met with
an... accident ashore.
But they are unharmed.
Do you want
this one below, sir?
You have my sword.
I will not attempt to escape.
I have already lost
my ship.
I will not compound my shame
by breaking my word.
Today the luck was with me, sir.
Make sail for Gibrattar,
Mr. Hunter.
We will rejoin the Indie.
Aye aye, sir.
Mr. Hornblower's plan
worked out handsomely
didn't it, Mr. Hunter?
Aye, it did.
With some luck it did.
Aye, well, he is lucky,
our Mr. Hornblower.
Got the devil's own luck.
And we should make
a tidy profit
if those whoresons
of prize clerks
don't try to cheat us
of it.
Which they might well do
if they find out
how we cheated to win her.
Sour bastard.
Hip, hip...
Hip, hip...
Hip, hip...
The Indie's cheering us,
Thank you, Matthews.
Keep your eyes
on the job.
Aye aye, sir.
Let fly!
Douse the staysail!
Come back on those halyards!
And let go!
The capture of Le Reve was
the first successful action
this squadron has taken
against French or Spanish ships
in the entire six weeks
of blockade.
Your plan was good,
your execution excellent.
Thank you, sir.
By my reckoning though,
Mr. Hornblower
it has made you
somewhat richer.
That's why you wanted
the Indefatigable
hid, isn't it?
Not at all, sir.
So that her captain
and her officers
and her men would not have
a share in your fortune.
Sir, I do protest.
That was not
my intention.
The captain
is jesting.
I see, sir,
How much do you think
the Le Reve is worth,
Mr. Bracegirdle?
A good 4,000, sir.
Makes you richer
by a thousand...
Mr. Hornblower.
Ever had a thousand pound?
A thousand?
No, sir,
not even a hundred.
Oh, well,
at least you'll be able
to spend some of it
on a new uniform.
I can recommend Cutler
and Gross in Portsmouth.
They'd be very happy
to deprive you
of some of your riches.
Portsmouth, sir?
They want me to...
I think they "request
and require you to."
Request and require me
to take Le Reve to England.
To Portsmouth.
She is to be purchased
into the service
as a... dispatch vessel.
The utmost expedition.
England, sir?
Yes, England, boy.
A big, damp, foggy island,
nor-nor east of Ushant.
Think you can find it?
Oh, yes, sir.
You sail tomorrow.
However, before you slip
your moorings, Mr. Hornblower
I think you will find here
a much sterner test.
Their excellencies,
Major General Sir Hew
and Lady Dalrymple,
request the pleasure
of Sir Edward Pellew and...
acting Lieutenant Horatio...
At Government House?
Bet you wish you had
that new uniform now
eh, Mr. Hornblower?
What do I do if they ask me
To carve, Mr. Hunter?
I doubt they'd risk
your ruining their dinner.
Here, try these.
Well, if they do, remember, carve
away from the bone.
Venison, thick slices.
Mutton, medium.
Beef, thin.
And, uh, try not to saw
at the

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