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Степфордские жены

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- Here's Mommy.
- Hi, Mom.
Here we go, far away.
Oh, my. Gonna miss you.
There you are.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- Take care, Mrs Eberhart. Be happy.
- Thank you, Charlie.
Come back and see us.
Bye, kids. See you.
Let me take that.
Take care of him, will you?
He's upset.
Now, hang on to him tight
so he doesn't jump out the window.
There you are, Mr Eberhart.
We're gonna miss you.
- Thanks a lot, have a good trip.
- All right.
- Bye.
- All right, bye.
Terrific job you did up there.
I'm sorry,
I thought I checked everything.
- Yeah.
- Daddy?
I just saw a man carrying
a naked lady.
Well, that's why we're moving
to Stepford.
- Come on, Fred.
- Come on, Amy.
Come on, Fred.
Come on, Fred.
You don't even have to lock
the doors in Stepford.
- That's really something, isn't it?
- Yeah.
Mr Eberhart, what's the story
with this piece?
Upstairs, in the main bedroom.
- Upstairs?
- Yeah.
- Terrific.
- Turn around, huh?
This guy's gonna kill us today.
We're not allowed to drink anything
on the job, lady, except beer.
Come on, Freddie, you want
a little water here, huh?
I'm Carol Van Sant.
I just thought this might come
in handy. It's a casserole.
That's really very nice of you.
I'm Walter Eberhart.
My wife's just inside.
I know she'd like to talk to you.
Oh, no, I know
how much fun moving is.
Look, if there's anything else you need,
please call.
I just live over there.
Oh, and tell your wife, you keep
that as long as you want.
- Bye now.
- Thank you.
She cooks as good as she looks, Ted.
What do you suppose
the people are like here?
Friendly. That was
a good casserole she cooked.
- Why did we move?
- We both agreed it was best.
I mean, it's best for the kids.
And, well, it's best for you. You know,
I mean, you got more space here.
You can make yourself a darkroom.
It was time to move.
You know, I got a terrific deal
on this house.
And because it's safe, and because
I can warm my ass by a real fire.
Those are all terrific reasons.
You ever make it
in front of a log fire?
- Not with you.
- Well, it comes with the house.
It's part of the deal.
You go sit in those empty seats.
Now, I also do the notes
on "Newcomer's Column"
for The Weekly Chronicle.
You've got the copy
I left in the mailbox?
Yes, thank you.
Then you know my style.
It's mainly for ladies.
So you just go right ahead
and tell me about yourself.
Well, there's nothing much
to tell, really.
- What does your husband do?
- He's a lawyer.
- Lawyer.
- Me,
I'm a sort of hopeful, would-be,
semiprofessional photographer.
What do you think you'll miss
most about New York?
Well, I don't know who the guy was,
but I'm assuming it was Mr Van Sant.
- Well, what time was it?
- Midmorning, way before noon.
Well, they sure start early
in Stepford, don't they?
You mean the guy just
walked up behind her,
and he put his hands
on her boobs?
How did he do it exactly?
Was it like this, or was it like...?
- You're getting me all soapy.
- I'm just trying to get the facts straight.
- It's my legal mind.
- Your sexy mind.
Stepford has really done
things to you.
I'd like to christen
every room in the house
before I pay off the mortgage.
- Just finish the dishes first.
- Yeah.
- Tell me about your day.
- Well, I didn't witness
any soft-core porno like you,
so it's dull by comparison.
But, oh, I did meet some
of the other Stepford commuters.
- You want coffee?
- Sanka.
- Oh, I haven't gone shopping yet.
- Oh, regular will be all right.
They seem like
a bright bunch of guys.
I mean, they have
a nice thing going here.
They were telling me
about the Men's Association.
Apparently, it's the thing to join.
It's quite an honour
to be invited to join.
Why is it an honour?
Why is it an honour?
Well, because practically every
important guy in town's a member,
commuters and townies.
I mean, everybody,
the TV executives,
Степфордские жены

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