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Zeiram has escaped.
Capture him immediately. Dead or alive.
Our names are Iria and Bob.
Registration number 9799-5.
We accept.
Others may not intervene.
Keep the change.
Buy yourself a Mercedes.
How's it going, Murata. I'll treat you to drinks
again tonight.
You won the money from that race?
- That's right.
Damn, I thought I was gonna win.
Kamiya! Are you sure
you're going to treat me?
Thanks a lot.
Takahashi Electronics
Listen, I apologize.
They asked me to take over for somebody.
So let's change the time.
What time?
Hold on.
Yeah, I said it'll be until 6.
Yeah, okay. Bye.
So, where's he?
Kamiya said he is going
to be waiting here.
- Maybe he went to gamble on a horse.
- Are you kidding?
- He took the company car with him.
You mean that flashy car?
The clothes are flashy enough.
You mean these, right?
Hey, isn't that Kamiya?
You saw him? Where did he go?
That way.
Then I'll be off now.
Thanks again.
- You forgot the receipt.
- Yes, the receipt.
- Thanks.
- See ya.
You said you'd be waiting over there.
Look, I said I was sorry. Don't be so mad.
You think I want to
be working on a Sunday?
But a beautiful woman dropped something.
If I didn't give it back to her,
I wouldn't be a man, now would I?
- Did you show her how manly you are?
- No, she fled from me.
What did she drop?
What's with the look?
I mean you're dressed all funky.
Plus you were running around carrying
an apple. You scared her away.
What can I do? This is what
they make us wear for work.
She reminded me of my late
wife when she was younger.
Late wife? I know she really just left you, right?
You knew about it?
You're mean.
I'm sorry.
- Where should we go first?
- I'll let you decide.
I already told the boss,
but I have to be out by 6.
- I know that. I'll take over after 6.
- Thank you.
I already made plans with
Murata at Momonga.
At 5.
What? We'II never finish by 5.
What are we going to do?
You want the apple?
No, thank you.
You're going to eat it anyway.
- Who told you that?
- What?
About my wife.
The secretary girl, Yumi?
Am I right?
- I hear you guys are getting intimate.
- Kamiya!
- How far did you get? Did you kiss her?
- Nevermind that.
I'm only doing this until 6.
I know that.
You're trying to change the subject.
You have a date with Yumi.
- That's great, Teppei.
- What are you saying?
- That's great!
- Watch it!
Count on bounty hunters Iria and Bob
Welcome back, Iria.
Oh, you already mastered the language?
You're amazing as usual.
The language for this planet
sounds nice and is easy to learn.
Did you find what you were looking for?
I'm sure it'll be fine.
Besides, I don't have much time.
They look like primitive tools.
Stop complaining.
I had time to go shopping after I finished
learning the language.
Okay. Fine.
He's going to arrive in about two hours.
Will you have the teleportation device ready?
There's no choice, is there?
I placed an electromagnetic
barrier by the entry course.
I'm sure the people of
this planet won't notice.
All we need to do is to select the Zone.
Can we capture him
without using the Zone?
That's impossible. You know that.
- This planet's civilization number is...
- It's 36.
They show no signs of being willing or able to
cooperate with the capture.
I know that, Bob.
That's good.
But, when we use a Zone,
30% of our reward is taken away.
There's nothing we can do about that.
You knew there was life on this planet.
But didn't you have enough time to...
..e up with a better plan than
to use a Zone for the capture?
Iria, we're a team and...
...I came up with the plan this time.
I want you to follow it.
Hey, that's not fair.
Your plans are too extreme.
If we break any laws this time
we'll never be able to work again.
I didn't know you cared.
I need the maintenance fee
to keep on going.
- You


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