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Fargo, North Dakota
I'm Jerry Lundegaard.
- You're Jerry Lundegaard?
- Yah.
- Shep Proudfoot said...
- He said you'd come at 7.30. What gives????????????
Shep said 8.30.
We've been here an hour.
He's peed three times already.
Aw. I'm sure sorry. Shep told me 8.30.
It was a mix-up, I guess.
- You got the car?
- Yah, you bet. Its out in the lot there.
- Brand-new, burnt-umber Ciera.
- Yeah, OK. Well, sit down, then.
I'm Carl Showalter.
This is my associate, Gaear Grimsrud.
Yah. How ya doin'?
- So, we all set on this thing, then?
- Sure, Jerry. Why wouldn't we be?
Yeah, no, I'm sure you are. Shep vouched
for you. I've got every confidence in you.
I guess thats it, then. Here are the keys.
No, thats not it, Jerry.
- Huh?
- The new vehicle, plus $40,000.
Yah, but the deal was the car first, then
the $40,000, like as if it was the ransom.
- I thought Shep told you.
- Shep didn't tell us much.
- Well, OK. Its...
- Except that you'd be here at 7.30.
- Yah, that was a mix-up.
- Yeah. You already said that.
Yah. But its not
a whole pay-in-advance deal.
See, I give you a brand-new vehicle
in advance, and then...
- I'm not gonna debate you, Jerry.
- OK.
I'm not gonna sit here and debate.
I will say this, though. What Shep told us
didn't make a lot of sense.
Oh, no, its real sound. Its all worked out.
- You want your own wife kidnapped?
- Yah.
My point is, you pay the ransom,
what, 80,000 bucks?
I mean, you give us half the ransom -
40,000. You keep half.
Its like robbin' Peter to pay Paul.
Makes no sense.
OK. See, its not me paying the ransom.
The thing is, my wife, she's wealthy.
Her dad, he's real well-off.
- Now, I'm in trouble.
- What kind of trouble you in, Jerry?
Well, thats... I'm not gonna get into...
See, I just need the money.
- Now, her dad, he's real well-off.
- So why not just ask him for the money?
- Or your fucking wife.
- Or your fucking wife, Jerry.
Its all part of this...
They don't know I need it, see.
OK, so there's that.
And even if they did, I wouldn't get it.
So there's that on top, then.
- These are personal matters.
- Personal matters?
Yah. Personal matters that needn't...
OK, Jerry. You're tasking us
to peftorm this mission, but you won't...
You won't...
Oh, fuck it. Lets take a look at that Ciera.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
- Hon!
- Hi, hon. Welcome back.
- How was Fargo?
- Yah. Real good.
Dad's here.
- How ya doin', Wade?
- Yah. Pretty good.
- What you watchin' there?
- Gophers.
Who they playin'?
- Is he stayin' for supper, then?
- Yah, I think so. Dad?
- What?
- You stayin' for supper?
- May I be excused?
- What?
- You done there?
- Uh-huh. I'm going out.
- Where are you going?
- Just McDonald's.
- Back at 9.30.
- OK.
He just ate. He didn't finish. He's going
to McDonald's instead of finishing here.
- He sees his friends there. Its OK.
- Its OK, McDonald's?
What do you think they do there?
They don't drink milkshakes!
Its OK, Dad.
Wade, have you had a chance to think
about that deal I was talkin' about?
- Those 40 acres there on Wayzata?
- You told me about it.
Yah. You said you'd think about it.
I understand its a lot of money.
Its a heck of a lot.
What did you want to put there?
- A lot. Its a limited...
- I know its a lot.
- I mean a parking lot.
- Yeah, well, $750,000 is a lot.
- Yeah, well, its a chunk, but...
- I had two lots. Lost a lot of money.
- Yah, but the difference...
- Why not show it to Stan Grossman?
Stan'll say no dice.
Thats why you pay him.
I'm askin' you here, Wade.
This could work out real good
for me and Jean and Scotty.
Jean and Scotty never have to worry.
Where is Pancake's House?
- What?
- We stop at Pancake's House.
You nuts? We had pancakes for breakfast.
I gotta go to a place where
I can get a shot and a beer and steak.
Not more fucking pancakes. Come on.
Oh, come on, man.
OK, here's an idea.
We can stop outside of Brainerd.

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