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MAN NARRATING: There's a legend
of a man who lives beneath the sea.
He is a fisher of men,
the last hope of all those
who have been left behind.
Many survivors claim to have felt
his gripping hands beneath them,
pushing them up to the surface,
whispering strength
until help could arrive.
But this, of course, is only a legend.
MAN: Help!
Over here!
Ma'am, I'm a Coast Guard
rescue swimmer.
I'm here to help you.
Sir, stay with your flotation.
I'll be back for you.
-Don't leave me!
-Just stay there.
Don't you leave me!
CREWMAN: Basket is outside
the cabin door and going down.
PILOT 1: Roger. Copy you.
Forward and right 30.
Forward and right 15.
Right 15.
Ho, ho, ho!
Basket is in the water.
Swimmer and survivor
are at the basket.
Put your head in first.
I gotta get out!
Easy, forward.
BEN: Let go! Let go.
Let go. You're drowning her!
Swimmer just popped him in the face.
Okay, he's putting the man
in the basket.
The man is in the basket.
We're taking the load.
Whoa, big wave.
Get out! Get out!
What's wrong with you?
Sit there and shut up.
Swimmer in sight.
Prepare to take the load.
I have the ready-for-pickup signal.
Swimmer is approaching cabin door.
Survivor looks unconscious.
Swimmer inside the cabin door.
Cabin door closing.
I think you just broke my nose.
And you may have killed your wife, sir.
Twenty minutes to Kodiak.
He's giving her CPR.
PILOT 1: Comstate Kodiak,
this is Coast Guard 6096.
We have
two hypothermic survivors onboard.
We'll be there in 20 minutes.
Requesting to have an ambulance
on-scene when we land.
CREWMAN: Whoa, there we go.
- PILOT 2: Got her?
-Got her!
Attaway, baby.
There's dead,
then there's dead.
CREWMAN: I swear,
you get better with age.
-Had to hit him, huh?
You are not. You stay over there!
You stay over there!
Seems like it's always the big ones
that crack.
Crew said that she went under.
They thought you'd lost her.
Lucky guess.
Luck, my ass.
-I didn't think you were serious.
-Of course you didn't, Ben.
How could you possibly think
I was serious?
I'm not some nameless
drowning victim.
Oh, gee, I'm sorry saving lives
doesn't jive with our social...
That's my chair.
Oh, he's right. Not that chair.
I'm sorry. I was just pointing things out
in the living room. He didn't know.
I would never take your chair.
Pick it up, would...
Doesn't have to be messy, Ben.
It's clean, simple for both of us.
We don't have kids.
Well, what about Friday?
What about Friday?
We were gonna go
with Carl and Bridget, you know,
to that dinner-dance thing at the base.
The base? All-you-can-eat wings?
A dart game to settle the tab?
That's the date that we can't break?
-You're right. You're right.
Look, we'll... We'll go away, all right?
Just us.
It's too late, Ben.
I don't know what I can say to you
that I haven't said already.
It's time for me to rescue myself.
Maybe... Maybe I should be the one
to move out.
Hi, you've reached Helen.
Leave a message.
You don't even know where anything is
in this house.
It's much easier this way.
Senior Chief, please report to base.
I can... I can fix this, all right? I...
I can...
I can fix this.
Just tell me what to do.
Tell me what to do.
-Just let me go.
-Just let me go.
You should answer that.
MAN: Ready rescue helo


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