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Рука, качающая колыбель

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[ TV ] Good Morning.
Welcome to Seattle Today.
l am the captain
of the Pinafore
- And a right good captain too
- You're very, very good--
lt's almost ready,
you guys.
- We'll be right down.
- We'll be right down.
Occasionally say
l'm never, never sick at sea
- What never
- No never
- What never
- Well hardly ever
[ TV ] l'm gonna be talking
about traveling with children.
[ Scream ]
Michael !
stay right there.
What's the matter ?
Claire, stay here.
Mommy ?
Hey !
- Ooo, l'm sorry. Sorry.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- [ Michael ] What are you doing here ?
- Mommy ?
lt's okay, sweetheart.
- Honey, this gentleman says
the Better Ways Society sent him.
- Um... better day.
Better Day Society.
The Better Day Society
helps place...
the mentally disabled
with employment.
l live there.
- Of course !
You're here to build the fence.
- Yeah.
l tried knocking.
Solomon, right ? Rene Peterson told us
about the work you did.
l'm Claire and this is
my husband, Michael.
- Yeah, we met outside.
- And this is Emma.
lt's nice to make
your acquaintance, Emma.
[ Claire ]
l'm gonna throw some shoes on.
See if our guest would like
anything to drink.
My mom says to ask
if you want anything.
l'd like a
brand new bicycle...
with a big basket...
on the handlebars
and some gears.
That sounds neat.
Okay, um...
okay, l see.
you wanted
to take away this.
The new fence
should contain...
the area here and
the gate should be there.
do you want the fence
to keep people in...
keep people out ?
Well... both.
But mostly
to keep people out.
three... five...
[ Chuckling ]
Just kidding.
l got the tape measure.
See ?
ls everything all right
out here ?
Right... as rain.
- Mrs. Bartel ?
- That's me.
The doctor
will see you now.
-This is your first exam with Dr. Mott ?
-Yes, it is.
The doctor who delivered
my little girl retired.
Dr. Mott was kind enough
to take me on midterm.
- He's one of the best.
Expecting his own, you know ?
- Oh, really ?
- Take everything off, put
the gown on, open at the front.
- Okay.
- Doctor.
- Mrs. Bartel !
- Hi.
- l'm Dr. Mott.
- lt's nice to meet you.
- lt's nice to meet you.
how are we today ?
Just great.
The baby's kinda
kicking up a storm all day.
This is your second.
You're a pro at this.
l see you have
a history of asthma.
- Any problems ?
- No, none at all.
- Why don't we take a look ? Feet up.
- Oh, okay.
l didn't think it was usual to give
pelvic exams after the third month.
We won't again
until the 36th week,
but... l want to make sure
my new patients...
have a full exam
on their first visit.
lt's Mrs. Miller. She's calling
again for the test results.
Why don't you go ahead and
give them to her. She's all clear.
- lf she has any questions,
l'll call her back.
- Yes, doctor.
[ Nurse ]
Would you hold, please ?
Oh, Maria,
when you're in the lab,
would you call in the results
of yesterday's virupaps ?
Yes, doctor.
- Sorry about that.
- lt's okay.
Why don't we start
with the breast exam ?
Weather's been beautiful
these days, hasn't it ?
lt has. Yeah.
l love taking walks
after the rainstorm.
lt's very important
to be able...
to give yourself
your own breast exams.
Mrs. Bartel, we need to
schedule your next appointment.
[ Wheezing ]
[ Wheezing ]
[ Wheezing ]
- Claire ?
- Oh, Michael !
- Honey, what's the matter ?
- Michael.
[ Crying ]
Just hold me.
Honey, what's wrong ?
Claire ?
lt was the way
he was touching me.
He wasn't examining me.
lt was like...
he was getting off
on it.
l mean...
what if l accused him
and l was wrong ?
Do you think
you're wrong now ?
Then we have to file
a complaint.
- Michael, l don't think l can do that.
- Claire, listen to me.
lf we don't
report this,
he's gonna do the same thing
to somebody else.
You have
to trust yourself.
Рука, качающая колыбель

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