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Код апокалипсиса

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Supported by the Federal Agency
for Culture and Cinematography
- May I come in?
- Yes, Darya.
Take a seat
Information that Jaffad has
nuclear weapons was confirmed,
both by our agents and ourforeign colleagues.
And even more than that...
One of these explosives
is somewhere in Russia,
we don't know the exact location yet
Vincent PEREZ
Yourtask is to infiltrate yourself,
through our channels,
into Jaffad's closest circle.
We've worked a legend foryou,
you fit in absolutely.
Of course, we'll be covering you up.
You know this person, don't you.
Dasha, a great deal is in your hands now,
a great deal is to say nothing...
The repercussions of these possible
four explosions would be disastrous.
In Vadim SHMELEV's film
Vladimir MENSHOV, Oscar KUCHERA,
Written by Denis KARYSHEV,
Director of Photography -
Music by Dmitry DANKOV
editing - Dmitri SLOBTSOV
Sound Producer -Andrey FEOFANOV
Executive Producers - Sergey GRIBKOV
General Producer - Sergei BAZHENOV
Chief Consultant -Vyacheslav USHAKOV
Directed by Vadim SHMELEV
Hi, Jaffad.
Let him through.
Are you happy now?
It depends, you know.
I would prefer cash.
These bonds are receivable at any bank.
Oh yes, America and its guarantees.
But what about this?
You've turned me into a monster.
They're selling this crap
at every corner, for 6 dollars.
Why such attitude?
People hate terrorists
They also hate
your submarines sinking,
together with nuclear charges.
But you play mute about this.
Tell your citizens that your rescuers arrived
to the site of accident laterthan my people.
That was how I came to own four nuclear warheads,
and I spent two odd years
planting them in fourdifferent countries.
Four bombs in four megapolises,
in different parts of the world.
This is a burden hard to bear, Riley.
I'm here to relieve you from this burden.
I have five children and eleven grandchildren.
Half of them are receiving education,
in Europe and in your country...
They all are building plans forthe future.
And I can't disappoint them.
But I'm surrounded by a crowd of fanatics:
In their mind, all problems can be solved at one stroke,
and they won't stop at anything.
So, the warheads can be activated
by a telephone signal,
from a certain device,
by entering a certain combination...
Knowing the code, you can blow up the bombs,
you can find them...
I am ready to tell you the code
and whereabouts of the transmitter.
You, dirty dog!
No, Jaffad, it's not my people!
Take her away!
Butcher passes his regards
I've got the key... Kill them...
It was him... Butcher...
Swearto me...
... that you will kill him...
Let him die like a dog...
Remember... Louis Devier.
He is a banker, lives in Paris.
He is doing some business with Butcher.
They took the key...
You should kill Butcher
If he learns the code,
he'll blow up the bombs.
- The code?
- Yes. Eleven numerals I've divided the code
between my two friends,
each knows only one part,
and the place from where
the signal should be sent.
I'm sure Butcher will find them now...
But there is also the third part of the code...
Who knows the third part?
Okay, don't say a word!
Better don't say a word
I was driving slowly, I was in no hurry.
Why the hell did you stop?
Monsieur, that lady is crazy!
Let's call the police.
Wait in the car, Francois
- Excuse me...
- Don't even tell mel was looking with my ass!
God forbid. I neverthought so.
Stop hooting, okay? I can't drive in such a state.
Unlike others, I'm not being chauffeured.
I'm sorry. Please take this.
I would like to amend my guilt.
Very well... Monsieur... Devier...
Good afternoon, how can I help you?
Paris on the line.
Hi. Did you have a nice trip?
Yes. I
Код апокалипсиса

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