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Миссия невыполнима

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Come on, come on.
She's been under too long.
Come on.
The name, pal. Give us the name.
Za druziye.
Get rid of that scum.
Hold her still.
Come on.
Did we get it?
We got it.
Would you like to watch
a movie, Mr. Rosen?
No, thank you.
Would you like to watch
a movie, Mr. Phelps?
No, I prefer the theater.
Would you consider
the cinema of the Ukraine?
Perhaps you'll choose one for me.
Thank you.
Good morning, Mr. Phelps.
The man you're looking at
is Alexander Golitsyn...
an attache at our embassy in Prague.
He is also a traitor.
He has stolen one half
of a CIA NOC list...
a record of all our deep-cover agents
working in Eastern Europe.
For security reasons,
the NOC list is divided in two.
The portion that Golitsyn already has
contains code names...
but this half is useless
without its mate...
which matches the code names
with their true names.
It is this half which Golitsyn plans
to steal from the embassy...
during a reception tomorrow night.
Your mission, Jim,
should you choose to accept it...
is to obtain photographic proof
of the theft...
shadow Golitsyn to his buyer,
and apprehend them both.
I've already dispatched a team,
selected from your usual group.
Sarah Davies is already undercover.
Jack Harmon can hack
into any security system.
Hannah Williams
will handle surveillance.
Your wife, Claire, will cover transport...
and Ethan Hunt will be
your point man, as usual.
He is now in Kiev
and will rendezvous in Prague...
at a safe house of your choosing.
As always, should you or any member
of your IM Force...
be caught or killed...
the Secretary will disavow
all knowledge of your actions.
This tape will self-destruct
in five seconds.
Good luck, Jim.
A very straightforward objective.
We photograph Golitsyn stealing
the NOC list...
follow him to his buyer...
apprehend both of them.
Now here's the plot.
Ethan, you're going into the embassy
in character, during a party...
hide in plain sight,
highest possible profile.
- You game?
- Wouldn't have it any other way.
Sarah, you're at the party already...
as the embassy's
Washington visitor liaison.
Make contact with Ethan.
You'll run the game together.
I haven't a thing to wear.
Well, I'm sure you'll work it out.
You'll mark Golitsyn,
hand him off to Hannah.
Hannah, you'll have him
for the duration of the interior.
- Find yourself a perch and stay on him.
- No problem.
- Jack?
- Yeah?
Fingerprint security, there's access
through the elevator shaft here.
So I guess I'm not wearing my tux.
Open, close, get out.
Zero residual presence.
Claire, you're cover outside
in the vehicle.
Hannah will join you as Golitsyn
goes exterior...
- you two stay on him from there.
- Okay.
Anything goes wrong, I call abort.
Everybody walk away immediately.
Regroup here at 4:00 a.m. That's 0400.
Any questions?
Can we get
a cappuccino machine in here?
'Cause I don't know what you call this.
I call it cruel and unusual.
- I made that coffee.
- Exactly.
Is it possible it's even worse than
that sludge you made...
- in that barn in Kiev?
- Thank you.
Take it easy on my wife's coffee,
will you?
- We missed you in Kiev, Jim.
- Missed you, too, Ethan.
Were you off on one of your
cushy recruiting assignments again?
Where'd they put you up this time?
The Plaza?
Drake Hotel, Chicago.
What a shame.
- 24-hour room service.
- Chauffeured cars.
Fat expense account.
- Now he's getting soft in his old age.
- Yeah, he is. Look at him.
Okay, listen.
If that list gets out into the open...
the names of our agents
in every country in Eastern Europe...
will be up for grabs
to the highest bidders.
Third world terrorists, arms dealers,
drug lords...
any and everybody who'd love
to get rid of long-term coverts like us.
If they're exposed, they'll be executed.
Everyone knows their roles.
Let's punch out the details.
There's a camera built
right into the bridge.
Whatever you see, it sees,
Миссия невыполнима

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