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Script: Yasujiro Ozu and Kogo Noda
Cinematographer: Yuuharu Atsuta
Producer: Sizuo Yamauchi
Shin Saburi
Kinuyo Tanaka
Ineko Arima
Yoshiko Kuga
Keiji Sada
Teiji Takahashi
Director: Yasujiro Ozu
- I guess this is a happy day.
- How so?
Lots of newly weds.
Not a lot of pretty brides though.
Did you see the one on the 15?
The fat one? She's the prettiest so far.
I wonder what the weather's going
to be like. There was a storm warning.
April showers bring May flowers.
Check it out. Here comes another bride.
If you ask me, that girl is far too skinny.
Warning: Strong Winds
I can't find Mikami.
Do you know where Mikami is?
I don't think he came.
I sent him an invitation,
but he didn't show up.
Why not?
Now let us hear from Mr Hirayama,
a close friend of the father of the bride.
Is that me?
Please sit down.
Congratulations, Tomoko!
The previous speakers have all said
beautiful things.
There isn't much I can add.
These two have been in love for a long time.
Once in a while, I would hear
of how their relationship was going.
It was always good news.
However, I was always surprised
by how different their lives were
from my own youth.
I remember how plain and unsentimental
my own wedding was.
My wife is sitting right here.
And she too can tell you
how it was all arranged by our parents.
On that regard,
our young couple today is very lucky.
I envy them.
My only advice to them
is that they try their best to find happiness,
though they may already know that.
I hope people tell me
about your ideal marriage one day
so I can envy you even more.
Thank you.
Congratulations again.
Thank you.
It was my pleasure.
What year was that?
I think it was in 1942 or 1943.
I passed by Kure, returning home.
Was Mikami still there?
His shipboard duty was later.
He brought me to the Officers' Club.
His treat.
He'd reached his peak then.
He still had a few good years.
Have some more.
Hasn't Mikami's daughter
reached marriageable age?
Yeah, she's a year younger than mine.
- Is that the girl I saw you with today?
- No, that was my other daughter.
I see.
What about your daughter?
I suppose she's reached that age, too.
Most of us had girls.
You had boys?
Yes, I have two sons.
I heard that if the husband is the strongest,
then the couple will have girls,
and if the wife is stronger, they'll have boys.
Is that right?
The first child is usually a girl.
Does that mean the man is stronger
early in the marriage?
It's possible.
I think it's odd in your case.
How come?
Because you have two boys.
You should ask my wife.
I'm not a very passionate man.
You're full of it!
It's just like a reunion, isn't it?
Welcome. Welcome.
- It's been a while since I've seen you.
- Indeed. Hello.
Congratulations, Mr Kawai.
How was the wedding?
I'm glad the weatherman was wrong.
Won't you get a bit lonely
now that your daughter is married?
I'm adapting.
- How many do you have?
- How many what? Husbands?
I mean, how many children do you have?
Oh, children. I've got three.
I bet they're all boys.
That's right. How did you know?
We can just tell.
So it must be true.
Yes, it's got to be.
Wouldn't be right otherwise.
What do you mean?
We're just admiring your looks.
More sake please.
Yes, yes. They're up to something.
Welcome home.
Welcome home.
Where did you all go?
Mrs Kawai must have been lonely all alone.
- Where's Setsuko?
- She hasn't come home yet.
She's not home yet?
It's too late for her.
The reception was lovely.
The bride was beautiful.
Her bridal kimono was so beautiful.
- Have you spoken to Setsuko yet?
- Yes.
What did she say?
She didn't say anything. She just grinned.
She should think about it.
I know, but still...
He's a fine young man.
She should make a decision.
I suppose you're right.
He's from a good family, too.
Takanashi told me
his grandfather used to be President
of the Yokohama Chamber of

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