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Film Studio 3
Ordinary fasism
The documentary uses trophy
doumentary footage from the Film
of the German Ministry of Propaganda and
the personal photo arhive of Adolf Hitler,
and also a variety of amateur photos taken
by Nazi offiials and soldiers.
Ordinary Fasism
In our documentary, we certainly do not
intend to over all aspets of suh a
complex phenomenon as fascism.
This is simply impossible within the
onstraints of a single documentary.
It is also impossible beause many
important aspets of fasism were never
filmed, thus leaving no doumentary
From a vast amount of materials, we simply
seleted those that impressed us the most
and those that,
in our opinion, allow us together with our
audiene to ponder over this
Chapter One
A merry at.
A hungry cat.
A sly cat.
A bear.
An unhappy lion in the zoo.
Right from their first word and their first
step, hildren feel the need for creative
And how different these hildren are.
They ontemplate the world and try to
express it any way they an.
A construction site.
The first snow.
A stadium.
The 20th century.
The 21 st century.
These people do not realize that we are
filming them...
...and, to a ertain degree, we feel sorry for
We ame to one of Moscow's universities
during the entrane exams,
set up our camera in the yard and tried to
without being noticed, how people await
the results of the exams,
how differently they behaved and
expressed their innermost feelings.
Well, it is common knowledge that one has
to wear one's oldest pair of shoes during
the exams...
...and, of course, having a haircut on the
eve of the exam bodes certain failure.
And here is the announcement of the
How amazingly diverse human beings are.
And someone is waiting for these people.
I think someone is.
Although the waiting can be different, as
Probably, only love an make people
resemble each other in some way.
This is Moscow.
And here is Warsaw.
There are many people down below,
and all of them have their own personal
perception of the surrounding world,
and every one is a human being.
For every mother, her hild is the best in
the world.
For every hild, his mother is the best, the
most beautiful and unique.
"My mother is the most beautiful woman"
is the title of this series of children's
My mother is a ballet dancer.
And my mother is a singer.
For this kid from Berlin, his Mom is the
most beautiful woman,
whereas for this kid from Moscow, his Mom
is the best.
"Deutchland uber alles" is written on this
Germany is more important than anything.
Germany is above all.
Today, new museums replae former
conentration amps in Europe.
Wooden barracks have long been burnt
down; only ruined himneys jut out from
the grass.
Skeletons of brick buildings are overgrown
with weeds and wild flowers.
We an enter this building.
The smell of human bodies has been gone
for decades.
Thousands died here.
And now the visitors leave their
inscriptions on the walls, as they do
These freshly painted furnaces cooled off a
long time ago,
and the bathtub built for the ommandant
of the crematorium right next to them is
now useless.
Tons of women's hair lie behind a speial
protetive glass.
Matted and tightly packed, it does not look
like human hair anymore.
There are thousands of prosthetic devies
behind the glass.
There are hildren's chamber-pots in a
huge bunker.
Mothers who ame here with their kids
thought they would live here.
This neat mound is piled up from ashes and
withered bones of a million of people.
Certainly, those are human beings too.
Well, they think they are.
And this is a rowd, the masses, as Hitler
used to all it.
A crowd.
Here, an individual carries no worth.
The strength is in numbers - dozens,
hundreds of thousands, millions.
One hair was left for the


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