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What was that?
Just a child of the night,
sit here beside me
on the veranda.
It's chilly out here.
Oh, no, it isn't.
It's beautiful.
I love the night so.
I've never seen you look
so beautiful before, Nina.
so pale.
- Your lips are so red.
- Are they?
Would you like to kiss them?
Why are you looking at me
so strangely, Nina?
Not you, Jonathan.
Your neck.
Has anyone ever told you...
it was beautiful?
- No.
- Come.
Lay your head on my breast.
you creature of the night!
Who are you who interrupts
my nightly feeding?
I... am...
Peter Vincent...
vampire killer!
Keep away!
Keep away from me!
And now your host...
Peter Vincent.
Fright Night!
This is Peter Vincent...
bringing you
Fright Night Theatre.
Peter Vincent's on.
Forget Peter Vincent.
But you love him.
But I love you more.
Tonight's journey into horror is...
Blood Castle.
It will keep you
on the edge of yourseat.
- Stop it.
- I know it will.
It is one of my favourites.
And for a very good reason.
I star in it.
Fright Night!
Charley, I said stop it!
Jesus, Amy,
give me a break!
We've been going together
almost a year.
All I ever hear is
"Charley, stop it."
I'm sorry.
Me too.
I'm just scared, that's all.
Let's get into bed.
You mean it?
I'm ready.
Amy, you're not gonna
believe this.
There are two guys in theyard
carrying a coffin.
We have pledged ourselves
to evil.
And they're on the moors,
- Amy, I'm serious.
- So am I.
Do you want to make love
or not?
Amy, quick, come here.
You gotta see this.
Okay, maybe it wasn't a coffin...
but I saw two guys carrying
something into that house.
I don't understand you.
First you want to make love,
and then you don't.
What's wrong?
Nothing, Mom.
Come in here, you two.
Are you kids having
a lovers' spat?
No, Mom.
Nothing like that.
Well, there's nothing
wrong with it.
The divorce rate is 76% higher...
among couples who don't argue
before marriage.
- We're in high school!
- Never hurts to plan ahead.
Amy, will you remind your mother we're
playing poker at her house thisweekend?
Yes, Mrs Brewster.
Good night, Charley.
Yeah, good night.
- Good night, Mrs Brewster.
- Good night.
Thanks for helping
with Charley's homework
See you tomorrow, Charley?
Charley, that wasn't very nice,
not walking Amy to the front door.
There are people next door.
I guess the new owner's
moving in.
- What new owner?
- Didn't I tell you?
Bob Hoskins said he finally
got rid ofthe place.
- Who'd he sell it to?
- Some fella who fixes up houses.
Supposed to be very attractive.
I just hope he knows what
he's getting into with this house.
It's gonna take a lot of work--
A man was found murdered tonight
behind the railroad yards.
Details are pending,
awaiting notification of next of kin.
Thank you, Mr Smith.
Have a good weekend.
That bastard!
Why didn't he tell us
he was gonna spring a pop quiz?
That's the point to a pop quiz--
to surprise you.
Thanks, teach.
Hey, Amy.
Did she finally find out
whatyou're really like?
Buzz off, Evil.
Oh. Call me
anything you want.
You're the one failing trig,
not me.
Is this 99 Oak?
No, that's next door.
- Hey, Mom?
- Yeah. I'm in here.
Have you seen
the new guy next door?
No, but he's got
a live-in carpenter.
With my luck,
he's probably gay.
I don't think so.
- Why? What do you know that I don't?
- Oh, nothing.
I gotta go study.
Study? You?
I'm really sorry
about the other night.
It was my fault, not yours.
It was?
Look, Amy, I loveyou.
I never wanna fight
with you again.
I'm so glad we're getting this
straightened out.
- Police have reported a second murder.
- I've been miserable the past two days.
The second victim,
whose body was found this morning...
was a known prostitute.
Not talkin' to you
on the phone--
Charley, are you
listening to me?

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