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Пустынный берег

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Hello! Mati speaking.
It turns out
I won't be able to come today.
They discovered my uncle has
a floating kidney
and I have to go
and visit him at the hospital.
No, nothing serious.
Yes, don't worry, I'll come by then tomorrow
I see! Well I guess so!
I can get there myself. Okay then!
It's ridiculous.
It seems I can't go today:
the students went off on a field trip.
Hello Mati! Hello Helina!
So where's the painting workshop
this year? Still at Conrad's place?
Mati is leaving tomorrow.
The students are on a field trip.
If tomorrow then tomorrow.
Funny thing - all the nature
around us is really just chemistry.
Even the living flame we so admire
is nothing more than
a simple chemical process.
What do you say, Mati?
Should we fetch this old log
from the seashore?
I was seriously disappointed
with that woman.
For me it was very hard
as my health had been weak
throughout my childhood.
I was frequently in a sickbed.
My mother was heartbroken...
As I've said myself on many occasions
I believe this mysterious illness
might be the true reason
behind the fact
that I have become a violinist.
Maybe you, Eduard,
would like another sausage?
Vioolin. Viooooolin.
Play us your viooolllin, Eduard!
What's the point of your fucking violin
if it doesn't speak
of the happiness of my wife?
That's offensive!
I want you to apologize.
Fuck you! Fucking Alfons!
I won't apologize.
You can't escape the barbarians.
That's just it.
Don't be so petty. Why can't I be happy?
Why would you want my wife?
If you had not come between us
I would have left her a long time
Now you make me love her again
but I don't want to!
Let God be the witness
that you love her
But I, Eduard, also love her!
Who the fuck are you
that you dare to love her?
I love her.
Helina is the one who decides.
Grand Theatre de la Panique!
I believe you have a lot of connections,
maybe you could get my wife
some exotic lingerie?
She adores everything that's foreign.
You philistine.
May he who inflicts injustice
upon others do so more!
And may he who is filthy be yet filthier!
And I shall come with swiftness and
bring vengeance to all who have it coming!
There is no sleeping here.
Who are you?
A neighbour.
What business is it of yours where I sleep?
Sleeping is done in bed
not on the ground.
You sleep in bed.
There is no sleeping on the ground.
- Why?
These are the rules.
A sick person
Where did you spend the night?
Why do you ask?
In the loft with you two.
I see.
What's this?
A fuel pump.
And this?
The ventilator.
- Yes.
Fuckin' awesome!
We were thinking of going for a stroll.
The scenery is spectacular around here.
How strange nature can be!
Just think: a little insect like a tick
can carry such a dangerous
disease like encephalitis.
Chrysanthemum curiosa,
corn marigold in common language.
And this one?
- Asalea collapsis, hemlock.
God, Mati, Eduard
knows all the names of the plants!
One day I felt my memory
was not what it used to be...
So I decided to memorize
the names of all the plants.
It's only the different kinds of grasses
that are very hard to tell apart.
Oh look! Kittens! How sweet!
Yes, kittens. Very sweet.
Approximately one month old.
Someone has brought
here to die.
God, how cruel! Look how sweet
this one is, with a white shirtfront.
This black one is like a little puma.
I am, you could say,
a true cat person.
I find cats most appealing.
Do you love cats, Mati?
Mati likes dogs...
The summer is almost over.
Everything dies.
I used to think that the skin and
lips of a woman chosen from a million
were something eternal.
And that this eternal beauty fills
the aching emptyness of the soul.
But now I look at your skin.
Now when it is
already getting colder.
Now when I don't know
where I will live or be next year.
And I understand that you are
but a piece of life I cling to.
I love you but
Пустынный берег

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