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In the year 2074,
planet earth is caught
in the grip
of high-powered
corporate warfare.
Kobayashi Electronics (Japan)
Y Pinwheel Robotics (USA)
Struggle to control
the software programming
and manufacturing of cyborgs.
Cyborgs have replaced humans
in every respect
from the soldier in the field
to the prostitute
in the brothel.
Billions of dollars are at stake
and, as usual,
the love of money proves to be
the root of all evil.
They're beautiful.
Caught a loop there.
Go lateral and fix.
We're level.
Right on time with one zero niner,
and she's a go.
All right, heat her up.
I'm burning!
T.A.D. At eleven seconds
and counting.
Kick off.
Holy shit!
What a waste.
Fire alert. Observation one.
Send in the boys.
And have them send up a shitload
of window cleaner.
Cyborg stew.
Glycerine 3
"Glass Shadow" for short.
Injected into the cyborg's
circulatory system
and directly linked
to a micro-beam detonater.
Virtually undetectable
in human form.
Aggressively affective.
The cutting edge
of counter-espionage
technology in a humanoid
robotics application.
And while our major competitor
has tried similar designs,
only Pinwheel
has been able to overcome
the chemical rejection
of a bio-explosive
Dreena, the cyborg test unit
you just saw,
was injected with a mere
20 milligrams of Glass Shadow.
The Osaka operative will be
carrying over 100,000.
Has she been selected?
Her name is Casella Reese.
The trainers call her Cash.
Peak condition. Top of the line.
Our very best.
What has she got?
A hyper-sophisticated
psycho-emotional program designed
specifically for her.
Human in almost every respect.
Love, hate,
anxiety, anger, sexuality,
and most importantly,
Are you telling me every time she
screws somebody she'll explode?
I wish my ex-wife
had that problem.
The sexual demonstration
was chosen as the most
entertaining way
of showing the board
the infinite possibilities
of the Glass Shadow.
With Kobayashi Corporation
Pinwheel will monopolize
the bio-tech world.
Two years from now they'll say:
"If God didn't make you,
Pinwheel did".
We'll own this planet.
Casella Reese, you've got
a great future
behind you.
Dropping your left, Cash?
You think so, Colt?
Class dismissed.
Where's Dreena?
Dreena, my roommate. They took
her away. What happened to her?
How should I know?
Can't take my eye off you.
-Whas going on?
-Nothing that concerns you.
Whas she done?
Nothing that concerns you.
Come here.
Look, Ricks.
Don't start any shit with me.
You're already on thin ice.
Mind your own business
or you'll never get out of here.
You're going to be semi-operative
for a couple of hours.
Nothing to worry about.
Just try and relax.
Interrupt Pinwheel feed.
Enough synthetic homework
for now.
Time to get real.
There's a few things
you should know
if you decide to go.
Other cyborgs have tried it
and failed.
Only one
made it all the way,
but she had a protector.
A human.
A warrior.
A hero.
If you really
want to make it,
find yourself a hero.
-Do you know any heroes?
-Would you like a suggestion?
-Did they hurt you?
You know the rules,
no fraternizing with cyborgs.
Whas happening?
Just you and me,
"Colt 45".
Mano a mano.
This a joke?
Guess not.
Holy Christ.

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