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На безымянной высоте

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Halt! Halt!
Halt everybody! Kolyan!
-Turn to the woods!
- Hold on,chief!
My dearfriend Kolyan has lagged behind overthere!
He's already on the go!He'll catch up in a second!
Back up!l have an order!
Cover up! Get to the woods!
Disperse everybody!
Cover up!
Keep silent,silent,silent
Well, well,calm down.
You are so good, good..
Alpha platoon to my side!
Gather bythe vehicles!
Take care ofthe wounded!
Platoon commanders to report the losses!
Go, go easily...
-Well, Semenych, breath deeper.See ya.
- Get back to yourfeet sooner!
Good luck to you,partner.
l may not see you again.
See you,folks.Bye!
Take care, Vanya.
Crawl most ofthe way, crawl.
-Teach your mother-in-lawthese things.
-Well, come on.
Semenych, wait.Semenych!
Wait. Take these. They are still warm.
-Oh, Jesus.
-And do not to the heat ofthe battle anymore.
That's all. l've had enough of it.
There are younger boys to continue this war.
- God be with you.
-See ya.Well,halt!
-Well.man!ls that you, Semenych?
-Are you cooling down in the hospital again?
-Yes,l got a stray bullet.
- l see.l see.
-Are you heading forthe regiment camp?
-Yeah. Get in, l'll give you a lift.
-l see. Any news?
-A snipertook down our commander.
-Really?A lethal shot?
-Yeah, it was.
Folks, folks,let me pass.
Do not break the ranks!
Come on! Do not stretch the ranks!
- Hey!Halt!Halt!
Halt, folks!Halt!
Come on!
Wow, shit!Slav brothers!
Come on altogether!
-Well,brothers, will we lend a hand?
-Well, man!What's that?Eh?
-Brother Slavs!
- Eh?lt is all the same everytime l go this way.
Come on, altogether!Say one!
ls it a kind of a coin phrase with you?
Eh? Come on!Come on! Altogether,
come on, one more time, accelerate!
Let me help you, matey! Side away!
Got it. And one more time! Accelerate!
And another one to go. And move...move...move...
Come on,come on, press again!
Altogether, come on, altogether,accelerate,
and push, say one, saytwo, well, honey...
And pull out, out you pull.
HolyVirgin. To you seats!
Glad to see you, serge!
l'm Private Kolya. You give orders,
l obey,do you like it? Eh?
l feel cold. l've washed the garb
and it can not get dry on my body.
Folks, l've had so many bosses,
and l did not like them.
This is the first time l have any
warm feelings towards my senior.
Well, give your orders, my serge.
l'm readyfor anything. l'm readyto give away my life.
Calm down, man - did you get it?
You'll diasble the personnel
before the battle this way.
Listen, private, get off
comrade sergeant!
-But l can not!lt's a passion!
-Are you an ex-con?
You simply see me through, man.
Can l take one?
-Listen.Keep quiet and do not move.
- l haven't seen a dame in three years.
l can not stand it anymore.
Listen, you had to go to the dances
and not to the front line.
Yes, l had to. l had to, but l couldn't.
As they say, upon the appeal of our leader
l exchanged voluntarily
prison walls forthe trenches to expel
the fascist beast and to nip it in its den.
We used to have a dozen of such volunteers
in our company. All ofthem spoke in such a way.
And afterthe first encounterwith the enemy
asked for prison walls again.
-Did they let them go back?
- Oh, no. They do not ask for anything any more.
That's exactlywhat l mean.Oh!
How serious we are.
May be tomorrow l'll meet a fascist bullet!
The show is not overfortodayyet.
Platoon, to the arms!
The enemy's to your left!
Fire at the catholic cathedral!
Fire at the cathedral!
Lie down! Bend your heads!
Lie down!Down!Stand still!
Where did the whole bunch rush?Shit!
Salute,comrade mayor!
-lt is you, Bessonov.
-What? Have you met fresh enemy units?
-Yes, they are trying to break the encirclement.
- l see.
-And l have the units on the march!
-Are you mad, folk! Lie down!Lie down!
Bend your heads!They'll kill you all!
l orderyou to get underthe vehicles!
Fire!l orderfire!Fire!
На безымянной высоте

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