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How on earth did our soldiers dig these tunnels?
Must have been working round the clock shifts...
I found something!
We soldiers dig, we dig all day.
This it is - the hole in which we will fight and in which we will die!
Hanako, I am digging my own tomb.
Now I'm doing as I'm expected
I am determined to serve my country and to die for it.
I'm going through all the things I have left in my house
Sadly, I did not fix the floor of the kitchen before going
I had the intention, but I had to go before being able to do it, and it has worried me
Make sure that Taro fixes it soon.
Damn Island! Shall the yankees have it!
Nothing grows here, it's too warm, too many insects and no water to drink
This island is sacred japanese soil!
There isn't any soil on this island!
We should give a part of it to the Americans
In exchange for something else
What did you say, soldier?
That if we overcome the Americans we will be able to go home soon!
That is what he said?
Yes Sir!
I am Kuribayashi
Welcome General!
I am Admiral Ohsugi!
What time is it?
Three o'clock, sir!
They left me guess the reason why
I understand.
My assistant Lieutenant Fujita
Are you feeling alright? You look sort of pale-
Sir, it is not nothing. I can't cope with the water here very well.
We will take care of that. But first I want to inspect the island.
You want a vehicle, Sir? We will be walking. it is good for the health.
Perhaps that is what you need, Ohsugi!
That is Mount Suribachi.
Unpatriotic, useless farmers!
Get up!
What have they done?
These soldiers
They have made unpatriotic comments!
I already see.
And You have so many soldiers, that you can
afford the luxury to incapacitate those two?
No, Sir!
So now stop beating them,
better reduce their food ration!
A good Captain uses the brain, not only the whip
What is all that? Those are Trenches
Sir. Why do you dig them here?
We expect the Americans to disembark here, Sir!
Stop that immediately!
But General... And Captain,
Make sure that the men are rested.
They seem to come from another planet.
Stop digging!
My stomach hurt from this!
A toast to General Kuribayashi!
A good commander.
This is almost better than Sake...
I heard that he lived in the USA.
Perhaps for that reason he does not want trenches.
Perhaps he likes the Americans!
It's useless to study the Americans!
Now he knows their weaknesses and how to overcome them
Somebody of the 204th told me
That another General was going to assume
the command of this island...
But he didn't want the job.
So Prime minister Tojo granted it to Kuribayashi
Bullshit. You can hear many things.
But you shouldn't listen to the rumors.
In short, nobody from the 204th can confirm nothing.
The 204th is part of the Imperial Navy.
This Kuribayashi, he is an excellent General!
As you can see, we aren't digging any
damned trenches in the sand any more!
Are you sure?
I didn't expect it to be so hot
This island is bigger than I thought
Well... I'm a bit tired.
Ito reporting itself!
Thanks for coming immediately
What's with our air force? We have 41 Zeros and 13
Bombers. That is everything? Nothing else? Are you sure?
We lost 66 airplanes during the hard days supporting Saipan.
So we will have to depend on the support of the fleet.
Is that the plan of defense?
Yes Sir
And the army troops. Where are their positions?
We don't know it exactly, Sir.
They are under the command of Colonel Adachi.
We don't have command over the army troops?
According to the military rules:
not until the enemy disembarkation.
This is a war at sea, do you know that?
This is not going to work!
They concentrated everything on the beaches
Move the trucks!
But they just arrived at the beaches!
So, get them moving again!
Coordinate immediately with the army troops!
The construction of bunkers begins on Suribachi.
This has top priority.
We are going to fight them when they stop!

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