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Over 100 years the mystery of the land  spotted by Sannikov in the Arctic ice has excited  many travellers, but no one could reach it. May be it was a  land ice or the land had been immersed into the Arctic Ocean?... Even nowadays Sannikov Land Bank still exists on geographical maps worldwide. This film is about everlasting quest and brave people that tried to peek beyond the horizon.
The Sannikov Land
(subs by ilya647)
Script by Mark Zakharov
Vladislav Fedoseyev
Based on the science-fiction novel by V.A. Obruchev
Directed by Albert Mkrtchyan
Leonid Popov
Chief Cameraman
Mikhail Koroptsov
Production Designer
Vladimir Filippov
Valery Filippov
Music by A. Zatsepin
Sound Operator B. Zuyev
Music Recording V. Babushkina
Song Lyrics L. Derbenyova
Director A. Mstislavsky
Cameraman S. Kublanovsky
Make-up N. Minayeva
Edit Cut L. Feyginova
Costume Designer A. Budnikova
Special Effects:
Cameraman Y. Potapov
Designer B. Noskov
Assistant Directors
A. Romanenko
A. Poroshin
S. Mkrtchan
Assistant Cameramen
V. Balashov
V. Golobokov
N. Glukhov
Assistant Designers
T. Elyevtseva
A. Kudryavtsev
Editor V. Khotulyov
Production Manager V. Moskaleichik
Vladislav Dvorzhetsky
Georgy Vitsin
Oleg Dal
Yuri Nazarov
Mahmoud Esambayev
Perfilyev - Nikolay Gritsenko
El'yin's Fiancee - Alyona Chukhrai
Dukkar - Gevork Chepchyan
Chief - Petr Abasheyev
Setenkar - Tursun Kuraliyev
Annueer - Yekaterina Sambuyeva
Goshar - Nasira Mambetova
Support actors...
- Who is it?
- Baron Schtoll in the flesh. He was going to find the Sannikov Land.
- Where did they find the body?
- North of the Kotelny island
- What about others?
- Did not find them.
17 lives... Too many...
- Good day, Trifon Stepanovich. We've been waiting for you.
We were on tenterhooks...
- Hello, Ignaty. Why do you have a criss-cross snoot?
- I've got many things to care of, Trifon Stepanovich.
While you were enjoying your time at the mine a certain Aleksandr Petrovich El'yin...
...paid visits to this place 3 times a day.
He wanted to see you in person.
- Who is El'yin? A merchant?
- No, the colonist...
... the one under surveillance...
- I don't want to deal with this one!
I avoid such people like the plague. Arrange the bath-house...
...and bring me the bills. Move!
- El'yin Aleksandr Petrovich
- Ignaty!!! Why did you let him in?
- Trifon Stepanovich, 'strewth! I didn't!
Last time I turned him out of doors.
He might be a turnskin.
- Fool! Send him packing!
- OK. The exit is that way!
- Trifon Syepanovich, I won't take much of your time...
... I have a business offer and it might be very profitable for you.
- Well?
- I intend to get to the Sannikov Land any time soon.
- What sort of land?
- 100 years ago Sannikov, a tradesman from Kotelny island, spotted this land.
Since that time no one could reach it.
- What does it matter to me?
- Your Nikolsky mine is depleting.
- Lies! Who told you that?
- It's true. I have absolutely reliable information. Look.
- After a couple of years your gold mine will deplete. What if a new land turns out to be second Alaska?
- Remember we had sold Alaska for a song and kept kicking ourselves after.
- How much will your second Alaska set back?
- I've calculated everything.  It's cheap.
- I'm sure that Sannikov Land really exists. I'm going to find it...
...Each spring birds are flying north, to the pole.
- Wait, but there's ice out there?
- Where do those stupid birds are flying to?
- Do you know about strange disappearance of the whole Onkilon tribe?..
..They left the continent 400 years ago. And since that time no one heard of them...
...Come on!
-  Where are you going to find madmen for this sacrifice?
- One of them is right in front of you. It means there will be others.
There was a sunrise, a rainbow was blooming. Everything's over. The love is gone.
The sundown was flaming, the rainfall was tapping the glass. But now it's all over and done with...
I can

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