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Trains used to pass the town where
my father and I were born.
And only one post train from Kiev
used to stop once a day at our station
in August, 1929.
Sometime at night.
For two minutes.
And in the morning we found out
that some family left Tulchin forever.
Me, in contrast to others,
was never jealous of it.
Because from that day
when my father bought me the first violin
I knew that one night
the post train would take me too.
Would take me from
this dusty childhood
to a real adult life.
Hanna, do you hear me?
Put the dishes back.
Why do Jews have so much stuff?
They just steel things.
Senya, either you leave your newspapers
here or I'll burn them away!
Roza Borisovna surprises me.
She does such a serious thing
with young children and a sick husband.
What is she gonna do in Moscow?
Dad, it's 4.45.
So what?
I'm tired.
Did you hear it, Mitya?
He's tired.
As for me, I stand
on the cement floor all day long.
And people drive
me crazy all day long.
And besides I work home all night long.
Why don't I ever tell people
I'm tired?
I don't know.
I don't know.
He's bored with his father.
He needs Lyonya and the company.
Play some Tchaikovsky
and go to play to the yard.
So, Mitya?
He's talented.
And now once again Auer's exercise.
I wonder, do you play violin
or you watch time?
Let him go, Abram Ilyich.
Let him go out.
Excuse me, Mitya,
you're a nice storekeeper of course,
but I think
professor Stolyarsky is not your name.
My name is Zhuchkov.
Everybody knows this.
Do something useful,
Mitya Zhuchkov.
What about velveteen?
They buy velveteen.
David, you can go out.
Wow, nice picture.
Where'd you get it?
What is it there?
Still nothing.
What picture is this?
It's a foreign postcard.
From Marseilles.
People write letters there.
Who is going with the violinist?
Me, me, me.
You better run and watch!
Who is going with the violinist?
Ok, me.
What do you bet?
A silver one.
The postcard is not enough forth 50.
And now?
-What is it?
- Some castle.
Is it from Marseilles too?
It's from Paris.
The bets are accepted.
I gave you a box with soap last Saturday.
One hundred bars.
I paid three rubles each.
What did you do with it?
There's a man who
can give three hundred.
Plus thirty.
He says we won't have even that in a week.
330 rubles? Not enough.
It is you who have to decide.
Forth pleasure to do business
we'll have to pay ourselves.
What about powder?
The powder got wet.
We can dry it.
Does Abram Ilyich Shvartz live here?
My God!
Meier, Meier Wolf.
Hello, Abram.
How are you?
When did you come?
20 minutes ago.
I'll tell you later.
How are you doing?
It's not that important.
You came from Palestine.
You don't know Tulchin?
I knew it before.
Where's David?
He's... he's somewhere here.
Look, I still can't believe
that it's really you.
It's unbelievable.
Abram Ilyich,
I'll come back later.
Of course, Mitya.
I took the papers out of the stove.
They are on your table again.
It's coming!
Did you understand?
You lose if you jump off first.
It's yours, violinist.
One postcard goes to the banker.
Look, violinist, I won't accept
pictures anymore.
Bring your fathers soap.
Let me see.
-What do you need?
- The picture.
- This one?
Take it.
Run, run!
Ok, take it.
It's unbelievable.
It's nice.
Why did you come back?
For no reason.
No reason?
Ok, you don't have to tell me.
Look, did you really see Jerusalem
with your own eyes?
The Wall of Weeping,
the Mediterranean Sea?
Yes, of course.
"Yes, of course."
I hear that from the man
who lived all his life in this town.
It drives me crazy.
To the Mediterranean Sea!
Enough for me.
I'll drink, if you let me.
Whom do you pass?
Throw ahead!
Come on, come on!
It's yours.
It's not fair.
It is. You better hold the ball firm.
OK, let's run!
Do you have these?
And these?
No, we don't.

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