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...Три синих-синих озера малинового цвета...

2009Amo Beknazarian's Armenfilm studio
requested by the USSR TV and Radio
broadcasting committee
"Three lakes of deepest blue,
violet as midnight"
based on the tale "The Fibbing Hunter"
by O.Tumanian
It was summer, maybe morning,
maybe clouds, maybe late
maybe windy, maybe evening,
maybe raining, maybe shade.
It was early, maybe August,
maybe waxing, maybe steam
maybe Sunday, maybe midnight,
when I had this truthful dream.
Me, my dad
my nephew Adi
brother Yudi
brother Chadi
uncle Madi
six big men
Set off hunting all together,
maybe later, maybe then.
Up and down, up and down,
up and down, up and down
Up a mount, down a vale,
up a mount, down a vale
Up a mount, down a vale,
up a mount, down a vale
Till we came unto a gap
Where the ground gave a snap
In the middle of the trail.
And there was lots of oxygen,
and there was lots of sunlight
There were three lakes of deepest blue,
as violet as midnight.
One of them was yellow,
another one was green
A third one maybe lavender,
or else aquamarine.
Only one of them dried up,
one was shallow like a cup,
the third one had no water, but...
There was lots of oxygen,
and there was lots of sunlight
There were three lakes of deepest blue
as violet as midnight
- Fire, Adi!
- Got no gun!
- Fire, Yudi!
- Got no gun!
Has no gun my brother Chadi,
Has no gun my uncle Madi.
My father's cane, that's all we had
Both its ends were primed with lead!
A bison of a duck!
What a catch!
Our catch has a head to match!
Going up, then going down,
finally there was a town
Then another, then one more
all just waiting to explore.
None of us saw the first one,
The second was gone from the trail
The third had no gardens,
no huts, and no chimneys
The third had no huts,
no gardens, no chimneys
The third little town had
no huts and no chimneys
Just a small little town in a dale.
Me, my dad, my nephew Adi, brother Yudi,
brother Chadi, uncle Madi, six big men
Wanted dinner, so went looking
for a kettle in our den.
Up and down, up and down,
up and down, everywhere
every nook, every nook,
every nook, through and through
Looking here and looking there,
found a very broken pair
and the third one split in two.
Kettle's bottom rolled away,
but the rest was just okay.
Rice was found by nephew Adi
Pilaf -- cooked by uncle Madi.
Fire -- lit up by my dad.
Just so, just so, just so, just so
our dinner could be had.
You dreamed it all! Whoever heard
Of fishes roaming like a herd
Of skies that could be sewn and darned
Of boys who with a cane were armed
And shot a duck and killed it dead!
A hunting cane? Who heard of that?
That killed a duck? You two are mad!
Okay, we admit it:
a cane that can fire
though highly desired,
we've never seen it
We've never heard it,
but firmly decided
Ka-boom! and we hit it,
and food was provided.
And from high above the town
three big apples tumbled down
Three big apples we now share
one over here
and one over there
Those who listened will get the third
this one is for those who have heard
this one is for those who believed
It was summer, maybe morning...
Screenplay: R.Saakyants, L.Saakyants
Art and directing: R.Saakyants
Camera: A.Kyurdian
Music: G.Garanian
R.Saakyants, V.Mailian, A.Andranikian
Backgrounds: Yu.Muradian, S.Galstian,
I.Patrik, M.Gazazian
Voices: O.Gromova, G.Bardin
Sound: B.Filchikov, T.Kurdian
M.Adamian, A.Karagash, N.Malian
Script editor: G.Beilerian
Executive producer: G.Shaapuni
The End
(c) Armenfilm, Gosteleradio USSR, 1981
Subs by Mr. Icon, Montreal, 2009

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