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Самая обаятельная и привлекательная

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gmailComrades! Oskin's mother-in-law has died.
I'm collecting money for Oskin.
- Which Oskin? The redhead with a beard?
- Yes, that's him.
How much?
You give as much as you can.
Personally, I gave a ruble.
You're a party member.
You're no example to us.
True, a ruble is a lot from us.
Just recently we all chipped in for Krakosyan.
If it was Oskin himself who died,
but it's his mom-in-law,
who we've never met in our lives.
Oskin's always finding fault with our work.
Last time because of him
we almost lost our project.
As you wish...
I said that you give
as much as you can...
...and want.
Comrades, if I remember right,
Oskin was honored with a medal
for suggesting a new system of standardized control.
Stop by my office later, Nadya.
Alright... Afterall, Oskin and I
did play on a chess team together in college.
He gave me a lift in his car once,
when I was running late.
Once, he let me take the only two cans
of Bulgarian pepper at the grocery.
I too have a mother-in-law...
she's fine for now
But... you never know!
Should automatically subtract a sum
from our salaries to donate to these causes.
They'd save valuable work time!
We'd have less unexpected expenditures!
By the way, Volodya,
today's your turn for night duty.
Never hear anything good from you.
It's not my fault, Volodya,
that everything related to our community...
is bad news for you!
I warmed up the ball. We're serving.
Good job!
I reminded Volodya Smirnov
about his night duty shift tonight.
Still he didn't come!
I don't understand what is it
he has that cannot wait at all.
Love! He's our ladies man.
He's just a walking mannequin doll.
They're carrying something!
Let's look just in case!
No! Don't!
- What?
- Who's there?
Come on out!
Quiet!!! What if someone's there?!
Stop! Don't move!
Get away from the car!
Nadya! Hold on!
Stay still!
Is it really you?
Wow! How you look now!
I'd never recognize you!
And you haven't changed one bit.
Listen, what happened to your eye?
I got in a fight.
A fight?!
Where are you nowadays?
What do you do?
This is not a place to talk.
Let's go!
Let's go to a cafe to catch up?
Though your appearance is rather...
Oh, it's nothing!
After university I came back here.
I work as a sociologist
at a factory that makes air conditioners.
Guess what?
Petka Kopytin works at our factory.
You remember?
He sat next to me in 9th grade?
Now married with 2 children.
You still unmarried?
Men don't exist for me
as a subgroup of society.
I don't notice them at all.
Don't need them anyways.
And who was kissing with
Sashka Chukmenyov in 9th grade?
Wasn't me was it?
Can't believe now that
it ever even happened.
But it was all Sashka's idea!
You know that.
Nadya, explain
why are you putting off marriage?
As if I was surrounded by suitors
and was rejecting their proposals.
No one's ever offered me marriage.
They won't!
We can't afford to wait
for charity from nature.
We must take
what we need ourselves.
Words of Michurin!
No, my words!
Because Michurin
said it about agriculture,
And I say it about men.
That we need to
win over men ourselves!
And not wait endlessly
for men to discover marriage on their own.
We'll be retired by then.
let's admit the truth:
neither of us is a beauty.
I'm not.
But you are very beautiful!
I am a woman of charm.
Nothing more.
And no one knows that
I created this charm myself.
I built it up.
The fact that I am married
is the result of my own hard work...
and initiative.
Susanochka, you're a delight!
I'm really quite ordinary.
Simply my profession
came to my rescue.
Sociology and psychology
are not only for workplace management.
These sciences are
invaluable in personal life!
For example,
we've been sitting here 30 minutes,
but zero attention from men.
Because look...
there are so many
young cute gals around, right?
We can
Самая обаятельная и привлекательная

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