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Звездный Путь: Встреча капитанов

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вапвпHi, I'm Whoopi Goldberg,
and we're in New York City today
for a very special occasion.
Now, how special is it?
Well, it's not every day
that you can get William Shatner,
Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart
and Jonathan Frakes together
at the same time, in the same room.
And we have managed
to gather them together
for what we are calling
a Star Trek summit.
It's an opportunity
to talk about Star Trek
and the films
and other points of interest.
And I'm gonna be your host.
So we hope that you're gonna find it,
as Spock would say, "Fascinating."
Live long
and prosper.
The line must be drawn here!
This far, no further!
The Nexus, it was like being inside joy.
It's been an honour.
Who am I to argue with
the Captain of the Enterprise?
To family.
My friends, we've come home.
I wanna welcome everybody
to the first Star Trek summit.
But before we do anything else,
have you all ever just sat down
and hung out like this before?
Or is this the first time
everybody's been together?
-No, no.
-You guys must have hung out.
Well, you looked like
you were hanging out.
-Yeah, we were loose.
And Lenny and I have hung out.
-We have hung out, yeah.
And I've hung out with Patrick.
Yeah, and we hung out longer
than you hung out.
If I hung out with you
and I hung out with him
and you hung out with him,
then you and I hung out,
which means you hung out with him.
I've hung out with you and you
and now I'm hanging out with you.
Billy and I have spent
some hanging time.
-We have.
Now, this is the first time I've hung out
with you two.
Though you had a huge part in my life,
which I'll get to later on.
-I wanna hear that story told.
I've read this story.
-It is the truth.
-Tell it now.
-Go on, start with it.
-Shall I tell you how
-I ended up with Star Trek?
-Do you know this story?
Because when I was a kid growing up,
there was never any black people,
there were never any black people
-in the future.
There were never.
When you look at all the sci-fi movies,
there were never any black people
until Star Trek.
-And Nichelle Nichols,
not only was she stunningly gorgeous,
but she was working it.
She was the Communications Officer.
She knew stuff.
So years go by, LeVar Burton
comes to my house.
I'm hanging out.
I said, "What are you doing?"
He said, "I'm getting ready
to do Star Trek."
I said, "What do you mean, 'Star Trek'?"
He said, "They're making a new Star."
I said, "Tell them I wanna be on."
A year goes by, I hear nothing.
I call him. I say, "Did you tell them?"
He said,
"Yeah, but they didn't believe me."
'Cause this was when I was
still a big star, you know.
And they said...
"They told me," he said,
"that if you really wanna do this,
you'll call." So I called.
And so they said, "Let's have lunch."
-So I went down and I sat with...
-All the big wigs.
All the big... No, actually, it was just...
Rick Berman? Gene Roddenberry?
Just Gene and Rick, I think it was.
And Gene sat and looked and he said,
"Well, why?"
And I said, "Because you're the only way
I knew I was here.
"So I'd like to be that
for somebody else."
And he said, "You're serious?"
I said, "Yeah!"
He said, "But it's a TV show."
I said, "It's the future, man."
So he built me Ten-Forward.
And that's how I became Guinan,
named after Texas Guinan.
-All because of your show. So...
-Well, we...
-Great, great.
I feel responsible
in a very remote way, though.
-Well, listen...
-We were hired hands.
Yeah, but still, do you...
When people say
these kinds of things...
I'll ask all of you this.
When people come up and gush,
'cause I know you go to the conventions
and people stop you and they stand up.
"Oh, my God, you changed my life!"
That was electric.
Do you feel that electricity?
I did, but I was ignoring it,
because I know your wife is here.
Do you ever think to yourself,
"Now, come on, it's
Звездный Путь: Встреча капитанов

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