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 Chorus: Song of the South your
music weaves a magic spell...
 Chorus: Song of the South,
I see the scenes I know so well...
 Chorus: Cottonwoods in blossom, over my
cabin door. Pale moon light on a field of white...
 Chorus: You bring them back once more...
 Solo: I Seem to hear those gentle
voices calling low. Out of the long, long ago.
 Chorus: This heart of mine is in the heart of dixie.
That's where I belong. Singin' a song, a Song of the South
Remus: (Chuckling) Yes suh... dey's udder ways o' learnin'
'bout de behind feet of a mule den gettin' kicked by 'em.
Remus: Sure as I'm named Remus. An' Jes' cause dese
yer tales 'bout critters like Brer Rabbit, an' Brer Fox...
Remus: Dat don' mean dey ain't de
same like kin happen to folks...
Remus: So dem what can't learn from a tale 'bout critters,
jes' ain't got dey ears tuned fer lis'nin.
Remus: Like as not dey too busy goin' along
all mixt up wid dey own troubles, uh...
Remus: Like de time dat Miss Sally an' Mister John
was comin' down to de plantation.
Johnny: Mama?
Sally: Yes Johnny?
Johnny: Why are we going to Grandma's?
Sally: Well -- I told you dear, for a visit.
Johnny: Why don't she come to see us,
like she did last spring?
Sally: Well, Because it -- I thought
you'd enjoy seeing the plantation.
Johnny: Is Grandma mad at us?
Sally: But of course not, Johnny.
What ever gave you that idea?
Johnny: Well, Georgie says everybody's mad
at what Daddy writes in the newspaper.
Johnny: Don't Grandma read the newspaper?
Don't she?
John: She does. And she likes what's in it.
Sally: John, please.
Johnny: Are you mad at each other too?
Sally: Why no, dear. Of course not.
Tempy: Gracious goodness, Johnny... We's almost dar!
Tempy: You ain't never heer'd no
frogs like dem in Atlanta.
John: You know what they're saying?
John: Knee-deep! Knee-deep!
Johnny: Honest?
John: Honest.
Johnny: Knee-deep! Knee-deep!
John: You know, when I was your age,
I used to catch lots of 'em.
John: I remember one time I - ah - hid a whole box of
'em over in your grandma's milk house
John: And they got loose.
Tempy: Yes, an' I 'members what
you got for doin' it too.
John: Well, it was old Uncle Remus' fault, you know.
He told me that story about Brer Frog.
Tempy: De tale 'bout his havin' a tail an' losin' it?
John: That's it. Only...
How can there be a tale...
Tempy and John: When dey ain't no tail.
Johnny: Aunt Tempy?
Tempy: What is it, child?
Johnny: Is Uncle Remus real?
Tempy: Real? Co'se he's real. You jes' wait 'til you hears
him tell a tale 'bout Brer Rabbit.
Tempy: Den you'll know he's real.
Doshy: Welcome home, my daughter.
Doshy: And you too, sir. Oh, it's good to have a man in
the house again. Turn around here, young man.
Doshy: Let me have a look at you. You favor your
grandfather more every time I see you. Toby!
Toby: Yassum, Miss Doshy.
Doshy: This is my grandson Johnny..
And he's the apple of my eye.
Doshy: Now, you take good care
of him and show him our plantation.
Doshy: And if he gets into trouble,
you see that he gets out of it.
Toby: Yassum.
Doshy: I hope you're a noisy boy. I love noisy children.
Doshy: It makes it so much easier to tell where they are
and what they're up to.
Johnny: Aunt Tempy, is that Uncle Remus?
Tempy: Uncle Remus? Lawzy no, honey.
Dat's jes' Ned.
Toby: Come on, I'll show you the big grandpa clock.
Doshy: I've been hearing about the
clatter you've raised in Atlanta.
Doshy: Thumping for cotton mills, railways,
and... heaven knows what.
Ned: Miss Doshy?
Where do you want me to put dishyer trunk?
Doshy: Put it in the.. Oh well, never mind.
Perhaps I'd better show him myself. Come along.
Doshy: Now be careful you don't bump into things.
John: Sally...
John: Well? What are you going to tell her?
Have you changed your mind,
John: or are you still going to stay?
Sally: Oh, I have to stay John.
It wouldn't be fair to mama.

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